10/22/12 - Still sulking

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10/22/12 - Still sulking

Postby bahamutkod on Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:57 pm


So the entire human population just kinda believes a massive monstrosity that has--for all they should know--been personally guilty of murdering many. They believe his vague damnation of their beloved king wholesale. But what they didn't know was that David had a plan...

He planned to slink deeper into his fortress all grumpy-like and "debate" the first necromancer's words like a petulant four year old.

More and more our final villain--and by extension his crazy eyes--are being reduced to less of a threat than the bald rich guy that Celesto murdered for Dominic some time ago. Jacob apologizes for the few shreds of anything remotely like character traits that weren't lock-in-step with a Mookie self-insert. I can only say I'm pleasantly surprised Jayden didn't say, "No... I'M sorry." or the like.
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