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Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 8:24 pm
by Shortyland05
I know its a bit early, but heres the thread to yell out Merry Christmas on Christmas day or Christmas eve.

Depending on internet availability of course

Re: Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:52 am
by Briareos
Hey, it's never to early when Joe posts a page... :D

(BTW, Joe - the main page still says "Sunday, Dec. 13th, 2009" even if it shows the comic for the 23rd... ;))

EDIT: Fix'd.

np: Gravenhurst - Song From Under The Arches (Fires In Distant Buildings)

Re: Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:51 am
by MrBigMr
Yeah, merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, somethingsomething Kwanza, yolly super fun present giving day, and above all else, happy birthday, Jesus.

Re: Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:47 pm
by Omeg@
Didn't we already celebrated this silly holiday about a year ago? :roll:

Yeah, happy (almost) mid-winter.

Re: Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 2:13 pm
by DrNociceptor
Lol, Omeg@! I guess we ought to do it again, just because. Ah, Christmas! I got myself a new Keenspot account, because I haven't been able to figure out how to log in for many months! (I'd have gotten it sooner if the registration page wasn't messed up.) So now, Skippy the Neandert[h]al is now Dr. Nociceptor!

This year, not only am I NOT snowed in, but there are presents under where the Christmas tree was at the beginning of December!

But wait... where did the tree go? That's a fun story! And I don't even have to make any of it up!

Basically, we packed it up for our scary roommate and his psychobitch girlfriend, both of whom agreed to leave after she beat him up and called the cops on him for beating HER up! She was the one to go to jail, luckily, and when she came back, she claimed not to remember ever doing any of the things that got her arrested! She came back and was all like, "Babe, what happened to your face?"

They told us they had found a place to move into, and were packing up all their stuff to leave, and us Sane Roommates helped too, including dismantling the tree so they could take it with them. We gave them back their rent for the rest of the month, they rented a U-Haul moving truck, got ready to load up... and then... Something Completely Different!

Instead of loading up the truck, there was a huge crapstorm for reasons I still dont' understand, and the guy called the cops on us, claiming we were throwing them out on the street and they had no place to go! It makes no sense! He comes home with a U-Haul truck and then says he has no place to take it! Huh?

The cops came and asked about why they rented a U-Haul if they weren't planning to use it. They couldn't figure that one out, and neither can anyone else! Then, I overheard them planning to steal something of ours to get back at us (for what, I might ask?), so we put all our stuff into our rooms and attached locks to the doors!

I don't get it! He's especially pissed at my fiance, who really helped make sure he wasn't arrested for his girlfriend's crap, helped him get a restaurant management job, a car to drive there, a driver's license so he could drive said car, even a TV cooking show, The Angry Chef (scheduled for January)! A week before, he shook my fiance's hand, saying "You are the finest man alive" but that night he was raging around the house, calling him a loser! I think the chef has some anger management problems.

Plus, psychobitch's every comment is rude if not hateful. She's even starting to scream at me, and I cannot figure out why! I've been the most careful not to ever piss her off, I've consoled her when she was upset after pulling her crap on other people, I've joked with her, etc, and I've never been rude to her!

And, the icing on the cake... after showing that I care about her and her future in her new apartment, I told her that I'm getting kicked out of my house (and didn't add that it was because of HER CRAP), and she just rolled her eyes and said, "It sucks to be you!"

JUST LIKE THAT! It's like, 'Now that I have a place to live, I don't give a crap! Have fun at the homeless shelter this Christmas!'

Well, I'm not really getting kicked out, that was just a fake eviction notice over all the domestic disturbances to get them to STOP BEING PISSED AT US, but I might have to move out anyway because their squatting has prevented us from moving in new roommates, and so far Us Sane Roommates are being denied getting a new house.


Sorry, I've been saving that up for some time. Here's hoping I get to live in my nice house for at least a little longer without them and their crap, not to mention, their obnoxiously loud, noise-polluting fish tank that assaults me every time I go into the living room, which is why I've never enjoyed our living room despite its being the best living room ever, with the best view ever! Sometimes I turn it off, but if I forget to turn it back on, it's curtains!

The fish tank is still here, too, they're supposed to have been gone by today but they aren't. RRRRGH!

Where's a good banishing spell when I need one? Frankly, I really think they'd be more at home in a hoary netherworld.

Sigh. Does anyone remember back in 2005 when I was here and freaking out because the bomb squad was blowing stuff up outside my window? Well, the insanity has been pretty much at that same explosive level ever since then, and I don't see any end to it anytime soon. We've been ripped off and robbed by so many people, even after we saved one of them from the SWAT team -- word of advice: if you're shooting a music video and you hear gun shots, don't stick around! Apparently, camera equipment looks like weaponry.

We even had a roommate who splashed bottles of his own urine ALL OVER the house in huge puddles RIGHT BEFORE the landlord came over, which I took a lot of abuse for because it was first assumed that somehow my cats had managed to pee huge three foot puddles of human-smelling urine ALL OVER the downstairs and the upstairs living room furniture, and over many days without anyone noticing. I was called a 'filthy slob' and punished so severely for it (especially by scary-guy) that I actually believed it was true... until he found a bottle of pee and put two and two together.

The last house we were in was a constant construction zone nightmare, and we were finally kicked out because it was condemned and our crazy landlady refused to let us do anything about it. Not only that, but she constantly told the workers lies about us being crack dealers who had actually caused the problems with the house. It was at least as bad as the place we had before, despite being a crime-ridden crackhouse with fights going on every night, gunshots, break-ins, etc.

Basically, I've learned that most people I am likely to meet are only nice on the surface, if that. We've had so many crazy roommates/Lou Ryan Productions team members with absurd accusations, and most of them turned out to be addicted to really nasty drugs. Not to mention, we're now also trying to rid ourselves of an alcoholic roommate who is usually so drunk he doesn't understand why the rest of us find him so obnoxious. As for my sane roommate, his mom just died and he's being raped by the mortuary, and that's not helping.

OKAY, ENOUGH OF THAT! Yes, my life's been a constant crap-storm since I was three years old and if it were only marketable in some way, I'd be rich by now! It just needs to have... happy stuff added to it so as not to make it such a downer!

Anyway, if anyone else in here who read this has not been having a good holiday season, please take comfort in the fact that poor Dr. Nociceptor, who's been out of evil work for YEARS, is probably going to have to find YET ANOTHER EVIL LAIR, and won't be hatching any plots anytime soon, and probably has it worse than you. How long has it been since I stole that lake in the Andes?

Well, looks like I have a visitor, from Japan, even! Maybe he'll cheer me up! Got to go...

Re: Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 2:55 pm
by Omeg@
woah :o

Suddenly my year doesn't seem so bad anymore. So who cares if the radiators heat up a bit late in the winter, eh?

Where the devil do you live, Skippy?

Re: Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:56 pm
by MrBigMr
Now is this all in one year, or just a collection of several years? In either case, I really don't know what to say. On one hand I want to feel sorry, and on the other I could go into detail about some of the crap I've been through. Maybe I won't, because in the end it's just all my fault anyways. Got really no one to blame for any of it, really.

DrNociceptor wrote:She was the one to go to jail, luckily, and when she came back, she claimed not to remember ever doing any of the things that got her arrested! She came back and was all like, "Babe, what happened to your face?

Ain't life funny, I was just reading this:

Re: Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 6:37 pm
by DrNociceptor
Wow, MrBigMr, cool Scary Girlfriend thing! That's funny! I'll have to read it later because right now we're celebrating because by now, THEY'RE GONE! And so is the goddamn fish tank!

The only thing crazy bitch did was squeeze out all of my acne medication, which I can't get more of, and take the butter I just bought. ("Is this our brand? What's it doing up HERE?") Anything she can get away with!

And all the stuff I described has just been over the past three years, aside from the bomb squad thing that happened in 2005. Anyway, party's on -- that's gotta be the BEST part of chaos!

We're talking about Japanese TV and how crazy it is. Lol! Just wish whatsisface hadn't taken ALL the corkscrews....

Oh, and Omega@ I live the Pacific Northwest. Lotta crazy people up here, I guess. I know what you mean about being cold -- in the crackhouse we lived in we didn't have a heater in either apartment we lived in that house because when the gas was turned on it leaked EVERYWHERE and the second apartment I slept next to that gas leak for weeks, of telling my fiance there was a leak, before it was officially discovered. I had migraines the whole time and didn't know why! So we ripped the heater out but the oven didn't work, so we weren't allowed to use the electric heater we bought, and instead were told to use the stovetop to heat the apartment, which didn't work, and since we had to leave the windows open all the time to get some ventilation, it was always freezing and dripping water everywhere and mildew was everywhere.
` Then in the construction house, it was also freezing in the winter and the furnace was similarly a huge gas leak, and the fireplace wasn't even in order, so we got some more electric heaters.... I recommend if you're cold, ever, get one of those little electric heaters. They can heat at least a small room. Luckily, we don't rely on those for the most part in this house because there's a really nice woodburning stove downstairs and it heats the whole house except the bedrooms.
` Best thing is, we're staying here for at least a little while, but I don't know how long. I hope if we have to move soon, we'll be able to find a place that's warm!

Re: Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:21 pm
by vole-in-hand
Merry Christmas guys, and here's hoping our species survives another year!


Re: Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:56 am
by MrBigMr
DrNociceptor wrote:Wow, MrBigMr, cool Scary Girlfriend thing! That's funny!

I wonder if there's a scary mother thing out there. I tell ya, just now she was making some sweet potaty stuff, and I told her time and time again to just bake them and forget about all the fancy stuff, because there's still too much to do. But no, she goes ahead, not even remembering the recipe (she hasn't even really dealt with sweet potatos before), does a million and one things wrong, and curses to high heaven about everything. Then, when she's all done and the stuff turns out ok, she denies all claims that there were ever any problems, and when I push the subject, she gets mad at me.

Only scary GF I know, belongs to a guy I know. She's doesn't beat him or screw with his friends, just keeps him in a tight leash. And the voice... Oh, God, the voice. When she gets upset, she opens her mouth and within a mile radius babies start to cry, birds fall from the sky and dogs whimper in fear. It's not something you hear, it's something you feel deep within your soul. I've seen grown men and women pull their heads off rather get her upset (if you pardon the use of a Monty Python quote in such a context).

I tell ya, women... If I didn't like boobs so much, I'd be knee deep in queersville right now.

And all the stuff I described has just been over the past three years, aside from the bomb squad thing that happened in 2005. Anyway, party's on -- that's gotta be the BEST part of chaos!

Ah, bombs squads come and go. A friend of mine was evacuated from his home when the cops had cornered a guy in a nearby house and the guy said he had TNT on him. It's not like any of you got detained on suspicion of planning a school shooting, which happened to another friend of mine after he had said "It's not like you can ever have a 100% protection against someone coming to a school with a gun." Luckily he was only detained, not arrested, so there was no record and no damage to future employment, but being escorted by cops out of class while handcuffed isn't the best way to make friends.

Only time I've come across explosives (apart from the army) is when dad wanted to blow up himself and the whole family with some TNT he had stolen from a construction site he worked at. But in time he came to his senses and handed it over to the cops, saying he had found it. Then there was the whole thing with the pills, and so forth.

I guess what I'm saying is that random crazies come and go, but a crazy family is and always shall be there to shake the foundations of your sanity. Especially if you're the black sheep of two families, simply by being the spawn of these two nutjobs.

Oh, and here's a little seasons greetings for ya all, since everyone enjoys carols, right?

Re: Merry Christmas

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 5:13 pm
by BrianJ
Merry Christmas everyone (ok, now past tense. Whatever).

Skippy, aka Dr Noceci... Dr Noci... Nociceptor? Hmm... That's kinda hard to pronounce. How about just "Dr No" ?

:-? Geez, DrNo! That sounds like it's been a pretty freaky couple of years! :o Rule #1 with roommates: INTERVIEW FIRST! And make it a standing rule right up front - Drug use or constantly drunk = kicked the F out. Saves a lot of headache, and cuts WAY down on the "Suddenly-Psycho-Syndrome" (tm). If they're always bombed out of their skull, they can't be relied on to pay their fair share of rent on time.

Man! Nobody's ever tried to send me to jail for helping them move, shot at me for taking a video, pissed all over my house, or even tried to blow up my family and me. *sigh* I've lived such a sheltered existance. :grumble: Now, having had my brother throw me over barbed-wire fences and chase me around the house with a butcher knife seems like such a fond memory... Good times. Good times.

Any way. Here's hoping everyone had a good time last week, and hoping next year will be an improvement on this one.

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Pampers Newborn Olympics: Flood baby dissolve!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:58 pm
by sunshinednwl
If there is a particular mania all mothers felt at Pampers Baby Dry Olympics held at Reserve Towers in the diocese, it’s the fait accompli that there are barely any recreational options out there in behalf of their kids. Karachi is not a megalopolis known an eye to its gardens and beguilement parks; addition widespread surveillance issues get made it increasingly ticklish to take under one's wing idle activities as a remedy for junior ones.

“I mainly think my son to Kids Club,” said Aamna, materfamilias of 13-month-old Mikail. “My whisper suppress doesn’t even know I’m here at Leave Towers; this square footage is not okay anymore,” she added as her son crawled all remaining the cushioned race mat laid dated in the centre of the mall. Another adolescent mama, whose son participated in the races, expressed house once again the even so issue. “What do kids do if they don’t away to school?” questioned Fayezah. “We down attack here long ago a week to take the kids to the rides on Leave Towers’ trim deck but that’s around it with their outdoors.”

Given that the upshot was centred on babies and kids that soundless call on within the diaper wearing age, the gaming territory had age boost activities such as a petite jumping arena, racing cars and a racing keep up with in the hub replete with a triumphant podium and a picture cubicle on the side. It was commendable to note that games were designed in a personality to guard that these toddlers do not retrieve dilapidated in the process. The balloons that were adapted to to adorn the place, due to the fact that case in point, were hung on a trip over of reach, and changing stations were installed.

“Pampers is all hither toddler development and learning from babies,” explained Hira Modan, from the Pampers team. “We privation parents to take in how full their kids are with a acceptable diaper. We have installed changing stations to support parents to lash to our unripe spin-off and observation the metamorphosis in their nipper’s behaviour.” Quest of a prepubescent, female Label Straw boss like Modan, the mostly suffer of working with babies was memorable. “It’s so adroit to see the kids in proceeding, constant still it’s obstinate to organise them. It is pleasing to look at little victories, like a infant run about on his own here,” added Modan.

By the looks of it, the women who brought their kids to the enterprise were all young and polished mothers, who agreed the import of prominence playtime. “My son has not been to disciples, so he does not understand the concept of a course,” said Madiha Asghar, whose son Ali, won identical of the races and was thrilled with his little words establish prize. “The issue is colourful and joking and tranquil though it wasn’t outdoors, it tried to recreate the joking that one experiences in an outside interest,” she added. Sonia Ahmed, a mother at the experience, seconded that, “This is something different and unexpected in Karachi and sport representing the kids. There are not multifarious options by reason of kids here and this pursuit reminds me of the kind of promotions that are held in the US.”