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[political] Opinion piece by Orson Scott Card (sf writer)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2003 5:24 am
by carsonfire
I thought I'd pass this on, as OSC sums up a lot of important current issues very well, here. He's a democrat (just as I used to be), but he's very wary of many things that dem leaders are doing these days. Unlike republicans, who for the most part seem to have been careful not to call democrats unpatriotic, in the face of charges that they're calling democrats unpatriotic, OSC actually does indeed make that claim: that democratic leaders who are willing to sabotage our *American* war effort for short-term political gain are indeed unpatriotic. He also presents a cunning and convincing explanation of why the mainstream media is doing what it's doing, and puts it into historical perspective with other efforts, such as Vietnam.

I don't post this here for that sensationalist-sounding charge, though. I post it here because OSC seems to be one of the ever-shrinking minority of democrats (including me, if you count the fact I used to have DEMOCRAT stamped on my registration card, and used to take part in primaries) who see a once-important party swamped by conspiracy theorists and hate mongers. And here, he summarizes our current concerns extremely well.

And in all the campaign rhetoric, I keep looking, as a Democrat, for a single candidate who is actually offering a significant improvement over the Republican policies that in fact don't work, while supporting or improving upon the American policies that will help make us and our children secure against terrorists.

Pardon this indulgence... I don't do this often, you know, but this really does strike me as an interesting and important editorial. :)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2003 8:50 am
by Jamie
This has little to do with the topic, sorry, but the article in question originated in the Rhinoceros Times of Greensboro, which is 25 miles from here I live. Small World Syndrome hits Elf Life and COTC! Ha!

Take care, Cars! Good article!