Casting call

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Casting call

Postby carsonfire on Tue Aug 12, 2008 7:08 am

This is a fun game, and so much time has passed that there are more characters and different actors to choose from. Keep in mind that I rarely model characters after real actors (except for obvious parodies like Bunko and Rumpot).

My current choice for Baughb... Justin Timberlake! He's got kind of that dopey likability that Baughb needs.

Airek... I might say Jason Alexander, but surely he's not young enough, now.

Filis and Glynhial... hmmm... I may have to come back to them.

And now there are new faeries and mermaids to cast, as well, not to mention various other occasional characters, like Robin Hood. Good luck on the mermaids!
Cars, as always
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