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Postby FunnyComic Lover on Thu Jan 13, 2005 3:22 am

Wait, disregard my last post, as im sure most of you did without my permission, the best one in my opinion is where aram is sorting.

Aram: I think im going blind

Gamal: That must make the entire sorting process difficult then.

Aram: i sort entirely by instinct.

Gamal: You seem to have sorted a scorpion onto your face.

Aram: I shall name him robert.


And also, the one were Gamal asks Aram to read Beriah's report.

" Hmm... yes.... this looks like valuable information.

To nobody


In any possible situation."

Hahaha, very good stuff there

Aaaaaand, The strip where aram and robert (the scorpion) are going to the movies, and either gamal or beriah ask if they can come.

Aram: Hold on i'll ask robert. *Robert attacks his face*

Aram: Robert says no.

Haha, those are my top three, right there.

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Postby Psyonide on Thu Jan 13, 2005 5:49 am

'Twas Beriah with Robert the Scorpion, not Aram. Aram wears the big black hat, Beriah is the bellhop. Gamal wears the tie and bowler, Jeriah is... well, you can work that out yourself I think =)

Oh yeah, Robert was cool. Pure MiH gold.
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