Car rentals -- consumer alert

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Car rentals -- consumer alert

Postby Guest on Sat Jul 27, 2002 10:33 am

I posted this to a couple Yahoogroups, but typing it made my blood boil all over again and I want to make sure that as many people are warned about this as possible:

If you want to rent a car, stay away from SouthWest Car Rental.

My wife and I were in San Diego for KeenCon 2001 last year. On Sunday, we decided to rent a car and go to Disneyland. Our hotel concierge (Courtyard Marriot) suggested SouthWest and arranged a shuttle.

We returned the car the next morning. As I waited in line, the man in front of me asked what the extra charge was on his receipt.

"Oh," the man behind the counter said, "Your gas tank was 1/8 empty so we had to charge you a penalty to fill it the rest of the way."

"Oh boy, don't tell me they're gonna try and pull *that* shit," I muttered to my wife.

The man behind the counter heard this and called me out -- loudly. He was clearly trying to cow me. Not being the type to avoid a confrontation, I shot right back at him that it was dirty business for him to automatically tack *any* charge onto that man's credit card without advising him first. We shot back and forth for a couple more minutes (he really got quite threatening) and then the other SouthWest agent came in from the back door and said, "I just checked it again and it's full."

"Imagine that," I said, locking eyes with the violent man behind the counter.

With that, the man ahead of me got the extra money credited to his card and I was next:

"Mine's the red sedan in the front parking lot," I said, "the one with the FULL TANK OF GAS."

Long story short: They were pulling this scam of claiming the gas tanks were 1/8 low and charging people without telling them. If the renters didn't check their receipts *very* carefully, they missed the charge and got screwed. When I called them on it, they got *very* belligerent and tried to bully me into submission.

:evil: Avoid SouthWest Car Rental. :evil:

Postby Brad J. Guigar on Sat Jul 27, 2002 10:35 am

Guest?? I'm no guest!!

The above post is mine.
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