WOOHOO: One week to go...

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WOOHOO: One week to go...

Postby Tyler Martin on Wed Jul 24, 2002 4:10 pm

One week from now we will be walking through those golden gates to preview night.

I have been meaning to go to Comic-Con the last couple years and it didn't work out. This year my wife got us passes for our first anniversary. She rules.

So I am starting to get excited, I actually just got back back from San Diego a couple weeks ago from a 10-day vacation. It will be fun to see KeenSpot in person and some of the comic creators I have chatted with over the last year or so.

Looking forward to meeting you guys and of course to what I can only imagine to be a really cool show. Maybe some of you could share hilights or favorite stuff from previous Comic-Con conventions with a newb like myself. I am really imagining being overwhelmed.

-Tyler Martin
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Postby LCARS on Wed Jul 24, 2002 4:48 pm

Ugh... I have SO much crap to do.

I have to get food.

I have to get drinks

I have to get Dry Ice

I have to machine my brake roters

I have to get the oil changed

and most of all... I have to wait the freaking week until I depart. The next few days are gonna be like this: "Yup, one week from now at this time I'll be in soandso doing this and that".

Total hell.

Actually, at this exact time next week, I'll be in Las Vegas eating at the cheap Beu-fet! PARADISE!!! ;)
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