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Is Qualities of sex belongs to Area and tropical contidation

PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2005 5:54 am
by Saami
[size=4][color=blue] I am not English speaking so may be my English is not enough godo the question i want to share with you that the qualities of sex belongs to area and tropical conditions {weather atmoshphere etc)

lest examine

Yours age=?
if u are male then the size of urs male part=?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 8:55 pm
by Scud422
I'm all about helping foreigners with sex!

Santa Barbara, California, USA
7.5 inches

PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2005 6:33 am
by PeanutHorst
oh sammi, dear child, the term is "penis" not "male part.

Why dont u cyber ppl to get info?

Age: 25
Location: Sydney Australia
Penis Size: 8 inches

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 7:28 pm
by bunnyThor
Excel! Foreign tounge horny ball of Sweden wants to know of my locations and male parts! Just in conversation? Who to be knowing? Opprontuity alike to this not appear too very rarely, what?

Mine Age: Three and five out.
I where?: Land of Port in Orgone
Man part: 15 per hectare...around!