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Consider making S&V a pay-comic?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2003 4:30 pm
by S&VFanboy
Say, I'm sure this has been asked before, but have you considered moving S&V to a site that supports subscirbers-only comics? I don't know if you have ethical problems with this, but I know Goats' Jon Rosenberg said he had a much easier time of it when he was with

Of course, I dunno if you feel that this would actually work. I'd pay for S&V.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 1:45 pm
by Bennit
Well S&V doesn't get enough readers as it is, so moving it to a paysite would just alienate viewers unwilling to pay and as result S&V would lose a lot of viewers. I doubt long-term fans (or most fans for that matter) would be happy with this move.
On the upside it may gain readers as members on the pay site might want to get the most out of their subscription and consequently read the majority of strips on the site.
But I still think a paysite would be a wrong move and there are better sources of income (merchandising stuff, or exclusive pay for downloads maybe etc)

PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 7:40 pm
by Aaron M. Holm, esquire
I agree.

I'm so damn irresponsible. I need to work harder.

Even then, I don't think I'd make it a pay site. I'd rather earn the money, rather than make it a conditional thing.