Just a stray thought...

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Just a stray thought...

Postby Tangent on Wed Sep 10, 2003 8:36 pm

I've been sort of an on-again off-again reader of Faans, I'll admit. I was first dragged in during the first CRFH crossover, and I'm afraid that your storyline with the General just lost my interest (having done an unpopular ending for a D&D game, I can understand how you can intend on one ending to happen... and insist on it even if something better came about... I still think that the General should have died with that blaster overload).

However, I've been reading again in spurts, and tonight's comic just needed a comment from me. Especially as it feels like an ending of this story segment.

The last bit... with Rikk hugging his wife and telling her that he loves her... was very touching and sweet. It also was a delightful slap in the face of the Mist-demon, in showing that while Mist can harm those by reaching out *his* hand... so too can Rikk heal and bring happiness with but a gesture and a few soft words.

As one writer (if unpublished) to another... well done.

Robert A. Howard
Robert A. Howard


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Postby Nodrog_Skrap on Thu Sep 11, 2003 5:15 am

Yeah, it's also typically 'Thick Rikk'. As far as it goes, I haen't seen Mist taking step one against Alisin (at least, in this dimension).

Rikk is assuming that because Mist has only appeared, so far, to Rikk as a shadowy, non-physical presence, that (A) Mist can ONLY appear so and (B) that the person he knows who has the darkest appearance is most affected.


The strongest light casts the deepest shadows. Mist has targetted those fans who are the closest to breaking BECAUSE they haven't embraced their darkness.

I'd love to see Mist take on Allisin... it's the dumbest thing he can do. Allisin has taken on a vampire FIB agent and a God. Mist falls somewhere between the two.

Allisin has a tenacity and a spirit that is perhaps the strongest of all the fans, for it has been forged in the harshest fires. She will let nothing stop her and her love for Rikk.

Or, to put it in her own words, "Sucks to be the world"
"Now, how do you expect to run the universe if you let a few unsolvable problems throw you like that?" - Flynn, to MCP (TRON)
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Postby Tom the Fanboy on Thu Sep 11, 2003 11:00 pm

I'll quote my other post.

Rikk went up when Mist went left.
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