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long over due praise

Postby yellow_toaster on Tue Nov 23, 2004 8:39 am

Curse of Monkey Island: Outside the Voodoo ladys shipwreck house.
Guybrush: "How did you get up there anyway?"
Murry: "Through shear force of will"

(Lol that is my all time favourite moment.. Murry was such a class character hahaha a demonic skull)

Anyway, yeah this is a long overdue comment about the ending of ItsWalky (since it ended quite a while ago.. nothing fills the void :cry: ). Personally I couldnt think of a more perfect ending for it, I mean sure half the cast snuffed it but at least there was a happy ending to make up for the mass slaughter of SEMME. Its nice to have an ending which although keeps you wishing Its Walky wasnt over, leaves you satisfied with the ending that was given and that it wasnt cut short or rushed in anyway. (unlike all the stuff that had an ended that left me wanting a better ending/ extened ending.. like Hellsing, Halo 2.. and all those other damn sequals that ended pre maturly without explaining more)

Anyway Well done David, Dave or what ever you want to be called =^) Just hope I can one day make a comic series half as good as this one.. just need the motivation first lol. Im really gonna miss reading about the adventures of Walky and the rest of the cast from ItsWalky. Its been a fun 3 years for me (since I missed the first few years) ah well thats yet another comic gone from my reading list.

later all
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As much as I like rommies redux...

Postby klosterdev on Sat Nov 27, 2004 12:35 pm

Will you ever continue with "It's Walky"? It was such a great strip.
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