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PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2002 1:15 am
by Greg
Hi there!

In the wake of Sir Timber's passing from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, may I once again encourage as many members as possible to run the United Devices "Life Sciences" software.

Here's what I wrote about it last year:
If you're someone (like me), who tends to leave your computer switched on for extended periods, you may like to consider visiting this website.

The program available from there (UD Agent) is like a screen saver, but it uses your computers idle time to model how different protein strains (that have been linked to causing cancer) react to various chemicals. The hope is that this information may lead to an improved treatment (or maybe even a cure) for cancer.

The system also keeps track of how much information each person is doing, and allows people to join teams, and be ranked according to how much information each team is processing.

I've created a team called "Knights of Jubal", so if you decide to install the program, don't forget to edit your profile and join the team!

As always, don't install it on any work computers unless you have the blessing of your office IT manager/tech/etc.

If you have any questions about this software, what it does, how it works or how to install it, please contact me.

Sir Greg