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The noble Order of the Knights of Jubal traces its origins back to the Year Two Thousand A.D., when a group of distinguished persons of good and true character, founded the order to promote chivalry and honour. The order takes its name from our leader, Alexander Jubal McRae, who on two (so far) occasions has been seriously injured, in one case fatally, defending an innocent woman from attackers.

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Postby Jamie on Thu Mar 07, 2002 5:47 am

It used to be a club, but now it's a group. Took a couple of days to get here, but here it is - <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>The Knights of Jubal group</A>.<P>Now to address some concerns. More than a couple of you have vocalized that the KOJ should not be on Yahoo or have anything to do with Yahoo. I understand the concerns, but isn't this just a tool to be used any way we see fit? Also, who else provides a service like this with as wide a scope? Let me know about some alternatives and I'll take it to the other knights.<P>We chose Yahoo because it had the capacity to reach the most number of people and it was fairly simple to set up. We have had some questions about the club/group from people coming from other Yahoo clubs/groups. Would alternatives give us the same thing? Please let me know.<P>I thank you!<P> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P> <IMG SRC=""><P>Take care,<P>Jamie, KCI in the <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank> Order of the Knights of Jubal </A>
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Postby TheVagabond on Fri Mar 08, 2002 12:20 pm

I agree with Jamie. Maintaining a Yahoo! Club/Group is easy, global, and allows us to reach a very large public that we cannot reach here on the Keenspot boards (nothing against Keen).<P>I have not ever felt violated in any way by Yahoo!, and I have belonged to several Clubs and Groups. I don't see any signs of the problems that others have mentioned.<P>------------------
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