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The noble Order of the Knights of Jubal traces its origins back to the Year Two Thousand A.D., when a group of distinguished persons of good and true character, founded the order to promote chivalry and honour. The order takes its name from our leader, Alexander Jubal McRae, who on two (so far) occasions has been seriously injured, in one case fatally, defending an innocent woman from attackers.

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Postby Silver Adept on Sun Aug 19, 2001 11:23 am

...to go do Band Fortnight at U of M. <P>So for about two weeks, possibly longer, I'm going to be internet-less. <P>So if you don't hear from me in a bit, that's what it is. <P>It starts Monday.
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Postby BandMan2K on Mon Aug 20, 2001 11:21 am

No problem dude, now that i'm back and better than ever, i'll hold the fort until you get on the College Bandwith <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspot.com/KeenBoard/biggrin.gif"> (very cool.) <P>Never Fear, Sir Howie's here<P>------------------
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Postby Rei on Mon Aug 20, 2001 11:44 am

good luck, have fun and we'll see ya soon<P>mp+bb
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