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The noble Order of the Knights of Jubal traces its origins back to the Year Two Thousand A.D., when a group of distinguished persons of good and true character, founded the order to promote chivalry and honour. The order takes its name from our leader, Alexander Jubal McRae, who on two (so far) occasions has been seriously injured, in one case fatally, defending an innocent woman from attackers.

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Postby pants on Wed Sep 05, 2001 9:10 am

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Seldom:
<B>But, likewise, I am of the Idealist camp that believes in the betterment of the world in the name of virtue. I believe that by easing the suffering of the world, you create happiness, not just in yourself, but in others, and that the path off joy is best walked with many companions. The only true joy, by that logic, is to bring joy to others, and so the only real path is in service to others' joy.</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
I would amend that last sentence to say that the path is in service to the joy of all -- both my joy and those of my fellows, since they are inextricably tied.<P>My favourite term for this idea is "enlightened self-interest" -- I forget which author's works I read it in, but I suspect it was Spider Robinson, who also said "shared joy increases; shared pain lessens".<P>Anyway, to the question of whether our actions are meaningless without results: I think, even if I could objectively determine that the actions I consider "good" have not materially bettered the external world, I feel that they have bettered me personally. In my philosophy, that's at least a partial win.
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