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The noble Order of the Knights of Jubal traces its origins back to the Year Two Thousand A.D., when a group of distinguished persons of good and true character, founded the order to promote chivalry and honour. The order takes its name from our leader, Alexander Jubal McRae, who on two (so far) occasions has been seriously injured, in one case fatally, defending an innocent woman from attackers.

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Postby Jennet on Mon Jun 18, 2001 10:50 am

<A HREF="http://www.askmen.com/dating/heidi/32_dating_girl.html" TARGET=_blank>http://www.askmen.com/dating/heidi/32_dating_girl.html</A> <P>Little article on chivalry from MSN. It's a little bit sexist and doesn't really define chivalry properly (what happened to protecting the clergy and defending the king, I'd like to know).<P>------------------
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Postby Silver Adept on Wed Jun 20, 2001 2:34 am

What happen? <P>The Kings are almost all gone, replaced by Despots and Democracies, and the Church has grown to such a size that it really doesn't need people defending it a whole lot... it tends to ignore and envelop anyone who attacks it or denounce them as heretical. <P>However, being chivalrous to a lady hasn't fallen away because there are many more ladies who need chivalry than there are Kings or Churches.
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Postby Atlas_v1.1 on Thu Jun 21, 2001 8:51 am

Also, it is worth remembering what being a knight is all about: Protection. The medieval institution of knighthood began when communities supported a few of their number in specializing in warfare, in order to protect them from raids and similar. It evolved from there.
The protectors would train combat and equip themselves for fighting. This was expensive, but with a whole community behind them, possible. Often, the protectors were given lots of food, so as to keep them strong. This (d)evolved into taxation schemes and lordly rights in time.<P>What we're looking for is what all this began with. It began with the thought that the strong should protect and aid the less strong. That is the core point of chivalry.
As for chivalry toward ladies, it is a spinoff from that thought. Ladies were considered 'the weaker sex' (*snicker* how ridiculous...), and were thus to be protected by the stronger, ie. the men. That basis has fallen away today. However, the effect still lingers.
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Postby atlas_tiger on Sat Jun 23, 2001 12:01 am

Atlas 1.0 <P> Another point that you have said that i do like......i am a man ..but i have never meet a women that could not do what i do or even better.....people thinking women r weak....well i think that women ...r just as strong as me or even strounger.....for the simple fact that have looks .......and smarts.....and in todays...life that is what counts...........(((((but that is my thoughts))))<P>
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Postby LadyMageLunarose on Sat Jun 23, 2001 12:48 am

Well, i love medieval manners and ways, thats why i read so much about it. i dont see any manners at all in most of my classmates. this is unfortunate because they will find that good manners will help them later in life. i have only found two people (my age) that i think show chivalry, (in this i mean kindness, polite to everyone, and trying not to use bad language) one is my friend Will who has named himself my squire eventhough im not a knight. and the other is my love. i go by the laws of chivalry as best i can eventhough some of they people at my school mock me for it. i think one part of chivalry is not loosing faith even when people push you down and thats why i always stand back up.
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Postby Silver Adept on Sat Jun 23, 2001 9:32 am

Chivalry in the ancient sense is no longer really feasible. however, the ideals behind it are still good, even to this day. Therefore the outward face changes a bit to accomodate the times, while keeping the ideals sound. <P>As for having a squire, I think you're lucky. I suggest that a dubbing ceremony may be in your future for Will if he truly does follow the path of chivalry. <P>What I'd like to have here and there is a book or two about medieval manners.
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