Conclave of Knights 2001-5-11

The noble Order of the Knights of Jubal traces its origins back to the Year Two Thousand A.D., when a group of distinguished persons of good and true character, founded the order to promote chivalry and honour. The order takes its name from our leader, Alexander Jubal McRae, who on two (so far) occasions has been seriously injured, in one case fatally, defending an innocent woman from attackers.

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Here is a summary of the recent Conclave of Knights. There are some points where comment is requested from interested persons.<P>-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Summary of Conclave of Knights 2001-5-11 23h59 UTC
Sir Jubal, GCI (observer)
Sir Jamie, KCI (chair)
Sir Greg, KI
Sir Alex, KI
Sir Timber, KI (recorder)<P>Absent:
Lady Tabias, KI<P>++Initial greetings
First thing accomplished when all Knights were online was
to verify time zones.
Sir Timber 17h, Fri 2001-5-11
Sir Jubal 20h, Fri 2001-5-11
Sir Jamie 20h, Fri 2001-5-11
Sir Alex 20h, Fri 2001-5-11
Sir Greg 10h, Sat 2001-5-12<P>Once this bit of research was completed, we began dealing
with the issues on our agenda.<P>#1. What does the Knights of Jubal wish to accomplish?<P>The discussion began with reiterating the original intent: to promote Chivalry in the world, as per Jubal's example (although not necessarily with all of the fatalities involved).<P>We know basically what we stand for, which is to spread the notion of Chivalry, but how should the KOJ go about doing that?
I think we've done a good start in establishing our presence... albeit Web-based. From here, I think that we should think seriously about recruiting next.<P>We've worked on leading by example. Whilst that is a good thing it itself, it only goes so far. Indeed. There are many who lead by example who gain no followers. However, we'd be hypocrites if we gathered followers but didn't lead by example. Most of our existing Companions joined us through CotC. We don't have many that found us just through the web site. So, should we concentrate on getting the website recognised? Can we get listed in some engines? I think that's certainly a start. Sir Jamie volunteered to list KOJ on various search engines:
Alta Vista
Hot Bot
Northern Light
Open Directory Project (Society: Organizations: Fraternal: Chivalric)
Direct Hit
Yahoo (Society and Culture/Social Organizations)<P>From there we realised that the website needed updating, META tags to allow search indexing and so forth.<P>We discussed forming a Yahoo Club and where in the hierarchy we should go. It ended up in the Category Spirituality, but we emphasise that the Knights of Jubal is *not* a religious order, and we respect members' and other peoples' beliefs. The club was created at <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>#2. The Problem of Proof<P>The discussion reiterated points already discussion in the forum. Basically, that proof can be hard to come by since by their very nature "random acts of chivralry" are not well documented. We agreed that a prospective Knight's character is extremely important, perhaps even more important than actual "proof" of chivralric acts. <P>For the record, however, we agreed that "public documents" (newspaper, magazine, web-news, message boards) can be considered as evidence. We would be willing to collect such evidence (scanned clippings, text excerpts, etc.) for consideration.<P>It was pointed out that "public" proof of this sort eliminated from consideration those who did nothing "splashy". This drawback was recognised but no effective answer was determined at the time.<P>The whole "proof" question remains an open issue. Discussion on the Eqvites Ivbalis discussion board at Keenspot is encouraged.<P>#3. Elevation of new Knights<P>Two Companions were nominated as possible candidates:
Howard Seelye, the Bandman
Howard Tayler<P>There was discussion on the worthiness of both candidates. Various evidences were adduced in favour. <P>Both Companions were accepted unanimously, and have been formally welcomed to the order by Sir Jubal.<P>#4. Discussion of chivralrous acts by fictional characters<P>First we reaffirmed that only real-life people can join the Knights of Jubal as Companions and be considered for further advancement. This is more to emphasise the KOJ's intent to promote real-life chivralry, than because any of the characters are considered "unworthy".<P>We discussed whether examples of chivralry by fictional characters were appropriate for mention on the EI website. The general consensus was that as long as the character was *consistently* chivralrous, he or she could be considered. It was suggested, therefore, that a sponsoring Knight do the appropriate research to determine if the character was, in fact, worthy. (The proof issue being easy to deal with, as fictional characters tend to have all their actions as "public record" in the comic strips, stories, novels, or other works in which they appear.)<P>We decided that establishing an "Examples of Chivalry" section on the web site, with content to be approved by Knights, would be appropriate.<P>#5. How will the KOJ promote and instill chivralry in the places we go and the people we meet?<P>We determined that this was intimately connected with the points considered in item #1.<P>This is a lead-by-example question (by specific deead and the general way we lead our lives). About the only thing we can do is to be chivalrous and suggest (gently) that others do so, too.<P>This question is simply affirming our desire to be chivalrous and not hypocritical. This mainly reafirms our beliefs and desires to live by the code of Chivalry and by the Order of Jubal.<P>We need to get the KOJ Web site out into the public more. That will be a tool we will use to do this, and we have already pushed this tool a bit farther by listing in search engines and forming the Yahoo Club. Leading by example works well, but to some extent we've only done that in cyberspace. We need to bring it off the net and in to the real world. This suggests the idea of eventually bringing the Order into existence as an actual organisation in our respective countries.<P>The "real world" existence of the KOJ is now formally raised as a question. What do the Companions think of the idea? How practical? And so on? We specifically request comments on this issue.<P>#6. Ratify the structure, crests, oaths, guidelines of th KOJ.<P>The following items were discussed:<P>Structure: GCI, KCI, KI, CI rankings approved.<P>Spelling: Official "Latinate" spelling of "Eqvites Ivbalis" approved.<P>Crest: The design by Lady Anne was approved, subject to updating the spelling.<P>CI Oath (on webpage): Approved.
I, {name}, do solemnly swear and commit to:
[]Uphold the right, even at the cost of my life;
[]Meter even handed justice, tempered with mercy;
[]Assist and defend others;
[]and to strive to act with honour at all times.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-<P>KI Oath (in forum): Approved.
It is known that for thousands of years
the strong have preyed upon the weak.<P>At various times and places an ideal arises,
an ideal contravening this so-called natural order of things,
an ideal requiring
that the strong PROTECT those who are weak,
that those who have PROVIDE FOR those who have not,
and that those who can HELP AND AID those who cannot.<P>It is known that this high ideal of Chivalry has arisen
time and again
only to be hidden by the actions of humanity
time and again.<P>THEREFORE, we Knights of the Order of Jubal
do hereby declare and affirm and aver
that the High Ideals of Chivalry are once again
brought to the light of day and so swear to live by them.<P>Remember that any action creates a reaction.
Therefore, what you do, expect to receive.<P>The Knight's word must be the word of truth and
counted more trustworthy than a legal contract.
Therefore, when you must give your word in bond, keep it.<P>Do not speak ill of others, for you may not know the whole truth.
Similarly, do not gossip, for unverified words are hearsay
and in large part a thing of falsehoods.
Be honest with others, and have them know that honesty
is likewise expected of them.<P>The anger of a moment leads to foolishness and
may wreak havoc on the truth;
remember the Motto and keep your cool.<P>Consider the consequences of your actions for others.
Strive to do no harm.<P>Learn quickly what the local norms of practice are.
Obeying them will lead to peaceful interaction rather than useless conflict.
Similarly, dignity and good humour are much to be admired.<P>Courage and honour endure,
even after mountains have crumbled to dust.<P>Pledge your friendship to those who warrant it
and support others in their need that
they may support you when you are in need.<P>The laws of the land should be obeyed
wherever possible and within reason,
for they are generally chosen with wisdom.<P>Any Knight following this High Path of Chivalry
must be above reproach in the eyes of the world.
Only then will the darkness be lifted.<P>TO THESE ENDS, we, the Knights of Jubal, swear:
to uphold the right, even at the cost of our lives;
to mete out even handed justice, tempered with mercy;
to assist and defend others; and
to strive to act with honour at all times.<P>Probi Immotiqve Este: Be virtuous and cool.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-<P>Guidelines: Approved.<P>#7. Officially recognise the EI website and Keenspot forum as our central discussion and contact points.<P>This establishes that the EI website at <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> and the Keenspot Eqvites Ivbalis forum are "official" and most frequently updated. The Yahoo Club exists, but may not be updated as regularly. We will reconsider the matter at the next official Conclave of Knights.<P>Sir Jamie, as chair, dismisses the Conclave.<P>=EOF=
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