An idea

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An idea

Postby Milligan on Thu Oct 03, 2002 11:13 am

Hey guys,

I was reading over the recent strips and it occured to me that "Half-Naked Henchmen" would be a great name for a band!

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Postby Padre on Thu Oct 03, 2002 4:29 pm

8) "Half-Naked Henchmen"............hmmmmmmmmm.............
:-? "Poorly Dressed Ruffians"?
Naw, looses something in the translation......
:o Could they do a remake of "Dancing on the Sun" (I think that was by Smashmouth) and turn it into "Assassin on the Run"?
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Postby Major Tom on Fri Oct 04, 2002 8:04 am

Scruff Ruffian and the Half-Naked Henchmen? has a riiinnnng....
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Postby AccordionDad on Fri Oct 04, 2002 8:28 am

Frank Chase and the Half-Naked Henchmen

ALIVE for one night only (maybe less!)

With Special Guest

peforming her HEAD-BANGING HITS

I Be Perfin'
A Scene to Mean Us In

Oh..... I am sooooo sorry......
Leave the world better than you found it.
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