Bicycle Lanes

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Bicycle Lanes

Postby dbrose on Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:03 am

Speaking of bike riding, My wife and I were watching an episode of 20/20 recently where a woman was attacked by a mountain lion while riding her bike on a bicycle path. As they were explaining the attack and rescue efforts, they showed a sign prior to where she was on the path that said something to the effect of "Warning, mountain lion country!"

We looked at each other and said, "why would anyone have a bicycle path going through mountain lion country?" Eventually, another rider came by and scared the lion away with rocks, but the woman's head was badly injured (it had been in the lion's mouth) and they learned another rider had been killed (and partially eaten) by the lion. The lion was killed by the authorities. What happened to these two people was terrible and tragic, but I almost feel sorry for the lion. After all, these people were in his territory - there was even a sign warning them! Whoever established that bicycle path were idiots.

I suppose I shouldn't be suprised. As Matt often points out via this strip: people are stupid.
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