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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2002 4:30 am
by The Reader
Please This Comic is just the right mix of Sex, Weridness and Feline Scratching that makes this a fav comic Please don't stop Something any thing I'll even take more Guest artist Something is better then nothing.<P>Please Pretty please <P>------------------
The Reader has Come Read and waits for the next big thing

PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2002 11:50 am
by tpq
Moi aussi, j'suis un peu impatient, il fait des mois que vous n'avez rien mis de nouveau sur le site! D

PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2002 2:33 am
by Gisele Lagace
Thank you for being so passionate about CCS. I would also love to be able to update the site more often but I'm struggling as it is to finish the comic books on time and still work at my full-time job.<P>It is my intention to complete "Art and Love" (the current unfinished storyline) in the CCS comic books.<P>As for web updates, I'm working on it. I'm thinking smaller strips with less complex storyline would be best for the web. I'm also thinking of doing more of a spin-off of CCS just so people don't get confused with the web strips and the printed comics. I'm still not sure however - any thoughts?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2002 8:47 am
by RebLaw
I think it'd be most decent if you could finish the Art and Love story line online, since you began it here and not all of us who can afford to buy comics... :-/<P>oh well...<P>RebLaw

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2002 3:53 am
by Gisele Lagace
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by RebLaw:
<B>I think it'd be most decent if you could finish the Art and Love story line online, since you began it here and not all of us who can afford to buy comics... :-/<P>oh well...<P>RebLaw</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Although I would've loved to finish "Art and Love" online, I don't think it'll be possible. <P>The reason?
Art and Love was written as a four chapter storyline, with each chapter counting about 22-24 pages. That's a total of about 90 pages. I was only at around page 8 or somethin' when I stopped online. The work required for me to finish it online would mean that I'd have to quit doing the print comics. I know this might sound like a great idea to some but the printed comics are really important to me.<P>The Art and Love archive on the web will basically become a teaser for future issues of CCS in print form.<P>If I didn't have a day job, I could finish Art and Love online - as it stands, I don't think it'll happen...sorry <IMG SRC=""><P>For CCS to continue on the web, I need to find a concept that won't be as time consuming.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2002 7:54 am
by RebLaw
bleh >.<;; oh well at least whenever (if you ever do) update the webcomic we'll know the results of the story line, at least I'd hope so...
I now have a new respect for comic artists, I'm trying to start one myself (I'm not going to do a plug for myself it's fricking months away from starting) but I find it's hard to actually pick a style and stick with it. I finally found one I like but the problem is I can't draw it well, not that perfect drawing is a prerec. for webcomics (it's not), but it'd be nice. oh well, good luck with comic book sales, I wish I could get the books, I'm back home from college now, so it's not the woman hating guy, now it's my mom who won't let me go to places that sell comic books, since most of them also sell pornography... oh well... I've found another great webcomic :-D I'd plug a list of 'em down here but one's not supposed to be plugging...<P>RebLaw

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2002 9:10 am
by RebLaw
I got bored, here ya go GL, if you want to update the site or the meow box thing with some crappy fanart here ya go <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> :-D<P>RebLaw (who just spit that outta her rear in the last 45 minutes)