Proud to be Furry shirts now for sale!!!--edited 2/2/04

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Proud to be Furry shirts now for sale!!!--edited 2/2/04

Postby mammallamadevil on Thu Dec 11, 2003 7:49 pm

THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE WONDERFUL FOLKS who made FC 2004 a rousing success...the check is being mailed off to the State of California for tax purposes...and it's a lot larger than last year! (grin)...

I have just posted the Proud to be Furry shirts---go put a smile on the Gneech's face and buy one...if you want pictures of the front or of the other colors just email me....also listed are some of Mom's furry wares. Please buy some tail before mine gets chewed off!

NEW!!! SnowBunny Tiff prints are still available! $5.49 plus shipping!

Buy a button set, get $2 off any size Tiffarella shirt or a (large size only) white Sexy Tiffany shirt! I'm awash in large t-shirts! (XL and 2XL seem to be the ones that are most popular!)

I also have Gaming Guardians shirts! Save shipping by combining an SJ shirt with the GG shirt!

You can reach me at or if you have questions---you can also AIM (mamallamadevil) or YM me (mammallamadevil) as well.

Don't forget to visit the MerchandiseMavenMart!
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