now _i_ thought...

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now _i_ thought...

Postby mouse on Fri Oct 06, 2006 3:05 pm

the bluebird of happiness was evil, because it says that there is only a limited amount of happiness/success/whatever (i should look it up) - so for one person to go up, another must go down. but now the white bird of racism is its enemy.....

of course, there doesn't have to be a simple black/white good/evil axis - but i'm an american, i _expect_ this sort of simplicity!
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Postby Limax on Mon Oct 09, 2006 8:46 am

I'm beginning to suspect that there's birds every color of the rainbow.
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Postby ShardZ on Mon Oct 09, 2006 9:15 am

But... white is the result of combining every color in the spectrum... :o

Or the complete absence of color... :shifty:

Or there's an even simpler explanation. :D
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Postby Lynn on Tue Oct 10, 2006 7:08 pm

All >I< know is that that whitebird of racism is darn easy to color! :)

I also have wondered what these birds are, where they come from, and what the heck they're up to.
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Postby Wichmann on Wed Oct 11, 2006 1:42 am

Hmm... white is the combination of all colours? Heck, the archeologist's claim that the "european" stock (white guys, that is) is a wild mix of God-knows-what. Maybe, if you tried to throw some blacks, chinese and middle easterners together, you'd eventually end up with the KKK...

And by the way: it's the same bird, it's just playing them all for ... keeps? Fools? Something?
I bet it's Xu'buxx!
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