"Turning the other cheek" (RT Feb 23)

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"Turning the other cheek" (RT Feb 23)

Postby Murray M. Lee on Sat Feb 25, 2006 7:40 am

I remember reading somewhere that "turn the other cheek" meant something a little different in 1st Century Judea. To be slapped with the left hand (the right cheek) was considered quite an insult as it implied inferior status. By turning and making sure he could get you only with his right hand, by striking you again would be "admitting" you were a social equal.

Of the cartoon riots, I did hear of one interesting twist in one US college student newspaper. The paper published some of the Danish "Mohammed" cartoons, and some woman with an obvious PC streak sent a letter to the editor, complaining that by publishing the toons, they were inviting violence by local Muslim students.

The Muslims reacted all right, but not against the cartoons. Several wrote letters to the editor not against the comics, but against the woman whom they felt was branding them as violent and irrational, one outright calling her a bigot.

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