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Introducing myself...

PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2003 10:26 am
by Hoomi
Well, now that I've created a log-in to post my limerick, I might as well introduce myself, since I'll be back to post from time to time. OK, maybe even more frequently than that, depending on how active this forum gets.

I've been reading "Bruno" since Ian subbed for another on-line artist a while back. Being the kind that hates coming in the middle of a story, I went back and caught up with the archives, and have been following Bruno's adventures since.

I'm a 43 year old man (no hang ups about age at all), happily married for nearly 23 years now, with two grown children and a plethora of pets. I'm an electronic technician by trade, working for a major Defense contractor in a bomb factory (really). Note: Don't take that to mean that I'm all for war. I much prefer the idea of high tech weapons being a strong deterrent to war.

I enjoy writing, bicycling, music (I started flute lessons the first week of November, but have played guitar for over 25 years), an on-line RPG, and reading, not necessarily in that order.

I dressed as a wizard to see "Fellowship of the Ring" and "the Two Towers" both, and enjoy wearing my wizard outfit to the Ren Faire. Now if I could just figure out how to cast a teleport spell so we wouldn't have to drive there. Either that, or I need to cast "cunning" on stupid drivers to raise their intelligence so they quit driving stupid.

That should suffice for a basic introduction. I'm sure you'll get to know me better from my input on this forum.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2003 2:52 pm
by mouse
hi hoomi!

your post now means i know about 3 X more about you than about any other you'll just have to keep posting! don't let the recent relative quiet bother you - we seem to have lost a few regulars, so glad to hear some new voices.

and i love your limerick - although now i'll be up all night trying to come up with one myself.....