Doubt This!

A warrior (Bruno) and a small dragon (Fiona) team up for fun and plunder in this fantasy comic strip.

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Doubt This!

Postby Antarius on Mon Jul 08, 2002 10:46 pm

(Yeah, I know - two strip-related posts in one month! Wow!)

Maledict, in Today's strip, challenges Dibunquer to "Doubt this," in regards to the Heart of Ahriperson.

Wouldn't this be an item that he isn't allowed to doubt, by order of Numthkul (sorry, no apostrophe's - I can't remember where they go! Maybe I'm hooman after all?)

I mean, if he doubts it, won't the heart cease to exist, and hence Numthkul too? (And thus, Dibunquer's wages.)

But, by not doubting it, he acknowledges the validity of magic & Maledict is saved.

Et Catch 22-tu, Brutus?


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Postby Major Tom on Tue Jul 09, 2002 8:08 am


I doubt it.
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Postby mouse on Tue Jul 09, 2002 12:32 pm

at the risk of starting a relevant discussion....

has dibunquer doubted the existance of objects? i mean, he doubted fiona's ability to fly - but not the existance of microdragons. since the heart is a real object, he can't doubt its existance - but he could doubt its powers (although possibly at risk to his employer - so perhaps he _has_ been forbidden to doubt it). his reaction ("ulp!") seems a bit odd though.....numth'kul must have hired him with _some_ intent to regain the stone....and yet dibunquer seems surprised to see it. hmmmm.....wonder if _he_ has some history with the stone.....
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