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Apologies for the absent guest strips-

PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 8:12 pm
by skelebug
I dunno if you recall but I was sposed to be working on a guest arc. I wrote a HUGE script and Ian helped edit it wonderfully. I did the art for the first comic strip sucessfully, after 3 tries I disliked. then one thing led to another and long roadtrip, directly followed by school's starting and a new waking schedule, directly followed by mom and dad swapping house ownership (divorce beaucracy stuff is wicked FUN! :D) house renovations which enforced for one week and a half a daily ritual of playing 'The floor is lava, don't step on it or you DIE!'..except X-treme Life or death version, and lack of overall energy/time/focus on one kinda style. I know guest comics would be now more vital to have than ever whenever Ian's off briefly doing his own things, please please forgive me and do not trample me to death with a herd of camels. I have the first comic and some secret spoiler art sketches up on my deviantart gallery, I also will start picking up on more strips tonight as best i can. As you can see, I really like to labor on the stupid detail work with my stuff sometimes, and I tend to overthink the thumbnail stages, and multi-task so once again I SOOOO apologize. :( I dunno if Ian will be posting the guest strips on the front page, or if they are to be shown here on the forum, or simply made as links to view my gallery by him/me. If everyone wants I could update you right here each time I put out a strip on the forum. Or if you'd rather wait this arc out first, for better storyflow, i'll wait it out til Ian gets the whole storyline an dhe posts it. I am sorry for saying I could bite off more than I can chew. Although I would be reluctant to do so, I could also send the script out here. Even have other artsits who're interested have it emailed to them and they could contribute their own strip to follow wherever I just left off, so it'd be almost like a group collaboration! I think seeing different many styles of me/Ian's little story would be very cool. But I understand life's busy for you folks as well likely too, so don't make a big fuss over it. Thanks again everybody. and Ian if yer reading, I LOVE the Crumb ref.

Re: Apologies for the absent guest strips-

PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:43 am
by Counterclockwise
Don't worry about it too much. :)

Often, people trying to write and draw webcomics for the time bite off more than they can chew because "it looks so easy". I used to have a webcomic, I know what it's like to have a suddenly weird schedule. :p

That's why most comic and webcomic artists have a "buffer" whereas they could slack off for a month and the comics would still come out on time.
(Really, that's a smart idea for life in general; more people should keep "buffer" money (*cough* savings*cough*), so that economic depressions and sudden loss of job don't hit them as hard).

Can I ask/suggest something though?
Please use a font instead of your own writing in the speech bubbles? That, or clean up your writing because it is pretty hard on the eyes.
The various darknesses of the lines and messy change in size and style of script might be atmospheric, but makes it that much harder to read and acts more as a barrier to the comic than as an atmospheric aid. I'm not suggesting you necessarily use a standard font like "times new roman" or "courier", or just one font, but generally, since fonts have the same vertical spacing per letter, (and consider fixed width fonts), it makes it much easier to read.

Also, A neat trick I learned from my webcomic, was that if you make part of a scene a mostly solid colour, just draw the outline and when it's scanned in, use the "fill" tool. It looks cleaner and it takes much less time. I can see from the fading that the black seems to be hand drawn, and must've taken you ages to get right.
If the scene itself is mostly shades of black, draw it inverse and then inverse the colours when it is scanned in. :) Much easier to draw a few lines of white than to draw a million lines of black.
Generally, you can save yourself tons of time by doing some very simple digital dress-ups on a piece after scanning it in.

Other than those two nitpick/suggestions, I do love the amount of detail you put into your work.

Re: Apologies for the absent guest strips-

PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 11:36 am
by Ian McDonald
No need to apologize about the guest strips, Skelebug! Take as much time as you need.

These days, if anyone should be apologizing for a lack of comic output, it's ME! :(

Re: Apologies for the absent guest strips-

PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:55 pm
by Counterclockwise
Yes, exactly right!

Now get back to work, you ungrateful slob! You're making these comics for free, so I demand constant output of high quality!

And where are my free webcomics, huh? You wanna swim with concrete shoes, do you?!

Re: Apologies for the absent guest strips-

PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:26 pm
by skelebug
hahahah! Thanks a lot for your support you guys, and thanks for the helpful art tips! I'll definitelly have to recall the fill and inverse tricks! Thats very handy! I am just not into doing photoshop stuff cos I dunno how explain, it feels like it takes MORE time not less like it does for most ppl to me. I just work thru a traditional done piece at a faster more enjoyable pace, but you are right how my handwriting's hard to see and on the solid backgrounds. The next batch of strips will be more scenery and detail based so that fill all black thing won't be as useful there but its a very handy trick to know and it will probably savemy skin in this story too at some point. I always have trouble creating nice flat even shades with only marker/ink and speech bubbles too, so digital i spose is the easiest thing to do.

Re: Apologies for the absent guest strips-

PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:51 am
by Counterclockwise
Well, it IS easy to get carried away with digital and spend more time on it as well. ;P

You're welcome for the advice, I'm just glad I learned SOMETHING from that abortion of a comic. :p (Edit: referring to my own webcomic, if that wasn't clear)

Re: I retract my previous statements!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 7:52 am
by Counterclockwise
Re: I retract my previous statements!

Dear Ian,

Dear god, no!

Now get back to you real job, you sickening scum! You're making these comics for free, so I demand you stop and enjoy real life!

And where is my lack of mind-numbingly horrifying imagery that bleach AND frebreze together can not erase?! Do you really want me to encase your drawing hand in concrete?!

Yours satirically,

(But seriously, that was a pretty hilarious turn of events. I wasn't expecting it for once, although I really should've been)