homosexuality and art

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homosexuality and art

Postby tgraymk on Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:55 pm

I just want to say I agree with Ian's points in the most recent tribune. There is no reason why homosexuality should not be allowed in artwork, especially when the movies and television we watch are full of horrible violence and degredation. As I recall some nutjob had a display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he made a statue of the virgin Mary out of dung. I personally think it was inflamatory and a shameless attempt to get people to notice his artwork, but if it were censored based upon that assumption, that art and freedom of speech is dead. He may have made it genuinely for the sake of art, and everybody was free to ignore his work. I hope you haven't recieved to many flames in your email over this story arc, continue with it. It is a little edgy, but it will help you grow as an artist and it adds a fresh new element to the saga of Bruno the Bandit.
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