Things I'd like to see in Bruno

A warrior (Bruno) and a small dragon (Fiona) team up for fun and plunder in this fantasy comic strip.

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Things I'd like to see in Bruno

Postby Bickendan on Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:34 pm

·Inclusion in my local newspaper's comics page.
·Bruno TV show.
·Bruno in Technicolor.

Ok, now for some more serious suggestions...
·At some point (when Bruno was a woman, IIRC [and if that was a spoiler for anyone, shame on them for not reading the archives!]), we saw a male micro-dragon Fiona was interested in. I'd like to see where any possible relationship Fiona might have would go -- afterall, Bruno found his, hmm, love and had a daughter.
·What has the Good Guy been up to? I'm sure he'd have something to say about Rothland's Civil War.
·More Numth'kull!
·And more Maledict! It's hard to think that Maledict would willingly help Bruno in his Civil War unless Maledict saw a way to further his own goals...
·In cases of hiatus, I'd like to see Guest Artist contributions again. This is something that other strips (not just Bruno) could use these days, especially when posting frequency drops (as in cases with El Goonish Shive and The Wotch...).
·I'd love to see some crossovers, even though these have many inherent difficulties and problems associated with them. In terms of story-compatibility, I imagine that The Wotch might be the simplest to do, barring coordination issues. So, in lieu of that...
·Cameos of characters from other strips.

That's all I can think of for the moment. Loving the strip, btw :)
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