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Postby fossil on Tue Aug 28, 2007 10:47 pm

By turning herself in, PosiTrudy already demonstrated she was willing to face the consequences of her past actions. She even tried to send NegaTrudy back in her place as a way to rescue her, and it's not PosiTrudy's fault that she was knocked out and NegaTrudy staged that neat little act. But now PosiTrudy has a second chance in her own universe.

Speculation: PosiTrudy wakes up confused, as NegaTrudy warned Nick. They take her to the emergency room. Akhilesh recognizes her but is discreet about it, and if they have a chance to talk, he is happy that she has turned her life around. The U.G.A. sets her up in some sort of protection program (if it were NegaTrudy, she would need to be protected from the enemies PosiTrudy made for herself, especially the surviving members of C.R.U.D.E.). She goes off and does good works in some remote location.

I wonder if Yoshi knows her, too. He would also be willing to keep quiet to protect her. And I'm still wondering what he saw that surprised him so much.
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