Today's (8-21) comic

It's not MAD science...just disappointed.

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Today's (8-21) comic

Postby Wafath on Mon Aug 21, 2006 8:29 am

Very, Very funny. Congrats.

(BTW, Foie Gras is the fattened liver. Pate de foie gras would be comparable to Hummus. One could argue that the real vegitarian equivalent is any domesticated plant that stores energy in structures significantly larger than the wild variety. Like strawberries, corn, most mellons or gords, etc. Perhaps potatos, where you typically cut off (nip) any buds to prevent the plant from flowering and producing fruit, which would cause the plant to move energy from the tubers to the fruit.)

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Postby Sidhekin on Mon Aug 21, 2006 9:02 am

I can feel the frustration.

I also laughed out loud. 8)
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Postby Shai Gar on Tue Aug 22, 2006 6:04 am

i wonder if he will be pushed to the edge of his ability to obey the law, and his not being arrestable will push him the rest

grab that gun damnit
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