[6/30] Stripping away King Luca's secrets?

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[6/30] Stripping away King Luca's secrets?

Postby Schol-R-LEA on Fri Jun 30, 2006 7:48 pm

Despite the random tittilation of today's strip, I have a suspicion that these 'women' aren't lovers, but old friends from the orphanage whom Luca has promised to help or protect or ennoble or whatever. Luca, jackass though he can be, does have his own sense of chivalry, and I suspect did even before he declared himself King.

It's clear that on some level, he knows that his 'royal court' is a fantasy, but he chooses to embrace this fantasy for unknown reasons of his own. I can't help but wonder if these women, whoever they are, are connected to that choice somehow.

Where the murder charges and the land investors come into this, I don't know yet.

But then, I've been suspecting that Cecilia is actually an avatar of my own Patroness (All hail etc...), so what do I know? shrug OK, so I think that mostly because I like the idea of Order having Disorder over for tea on a quiet Eternity afternoon (well, it was quiet until Gav showed up again...) - the whole suicide thing was just a way to let Gav rationalize Her presence there, of course fnord, while still leaving him with a metaphysical mystery to chew on.
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