agnostica finale

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agnostica finale

Postby JGatsby on Wed Dec 28, 2005 5:29 pm

I was never quite sure when the official end of the holiday is, it just sort of vaguely extends into early January for me, so possilbe end-dates:

Jan 1 (New Years)
Jan 4 (Earth reaches perihelion)
Jan 6 (Newton's birthday--not sure about this one, though...)
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Re: agnostica finale

Postby towr on Thu Dec 29, 2005 3:42 am

It doesn't have a set end date. Consider the uncertainty principle.
It has been proposed it decays, with a set probability of p that it ends each day. Which means possibly last years Agnostica hasn't ended yet.
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Postby Gav on Mon Jan 02, 2006 3:33 pm

Everyone can end Agnostica whenever they get sick of it. I always say that I consider it to have a "half life" of about 2-3 weeks.

Myself, I don't remove the site decorations until I've at least sent out all the Random Bag presents. And the post office has been closed for a long time now, so I haven't been able to check my P.O. Box in quite a while. I don't understand at all why it was closed today. The holiday schedule on the door didn't list January 2.

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