(OT) Personal plugs

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(OT) Personal plugs

Postby Lord Emsworth on Mon Nov 25, 2002 6:39 pm

Hello, realize I haven't been posting on the forum of late (rigors of academia and the overwhelming nature of temporal existence), but merely wanted to mention that my review of the recently published The Cartoon Music Book has been accepted by the film magazine Scarlet Street, and will appear in issue 47, which in all likelihood will be available in January/February 2003. Alas, circulation for this periodical is somewhat limited, so you may very well be unable to find it at your local bookstores/grocery newsstand, but if you do, be sure and read the piece by Andrew Leal (yours truly.) Still, it's professional publication, and one step closer to becoming the next Jerry Beck or John Culhane (but not the next Jeff Lenburg, I hope.) I'm incredibly pleased by this development.

Also, though I'm still waiting for Michael Roberts to take care of some technical difficulties (or even answer my e-mail), for any serious animation devotees or anyone who has ever been curious as to the artists and performers behind certain animated features, be sure and check out Toonjunkies, where you can find my database of credits for theatrical animated features released in the US. Still a couple dozen missing titles (mostly Japanese and other foriegn films or X-rated films), and naturally a number of blanks remain (it will continue to be a work in progress), but even as it stands, more thorough and accurate than the fallible IMDB, and particularly useful, I think, for the animator identifications (i.e. which characters/scenes/segments a specific animator worked on), which I'm still working on. And of course, if anyone has any suggestions or additional credits to add, feel free to mention them, either here or through e-mail. Thank you all for your time.
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