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SOAR Newsboxes

PostPosted: Fri Jul 12, 2002 11:38 pm
by SKuehner
I hate to admit I've never been a huge SOAR fan... Nothing personal, I just have a predisposition to dislike most things comic related... But I have to say this: Bob, you make the BEST newsboxes!

This new one, at first I thought: "Aah, he's dreaming about choking his chicken. That's a gag I'd be proud to put my name on!"

And then I saw that was no ordinary bird... It's the frickin' Road Runner! I can only imagine why anyone would have such (apparently happy) dreams about strangling the Road Runner. Not to mention, the thoughts going through your head when you decided to make that your newsbox. :)

My absolute all-time favourite newsbox was a Roberds original as well: I think it was a frame of Max with an accordion, followed by "I kiss you!" and then "Read Soap on a Rope." I still laugh thinking about that one.

And if that weren't enough, there was a SOAR newsbox that made mention of Davy Diarrhea. Too cool.

You know, maybe I should start reading your archive again. If your newsboxes are this memorable to me, there's probably a pretty good comic here that I just haven't bothered to dive into.


PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2002 7:41 am
by frunk
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2002 5:56 pm
by broberds
Hey, to my great discredit, it WASN'T me who did the Road Runner box. That's was Chris Crosby. I was out of town for a few days and my box date got bumped up, so he had to make the newsbox by shrinking down a Friday cartoon I did a couple weeks before. I think it came out really good.