Us Vs. Them (OT)

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Us Vs. Them (OT)

Postby Aramchek on Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:14 am

The following is a true story. To ensure no one will know what large US corporation this happened at I will disguise it by calling it "Packard-Hewlett"
This all happened in the past, when this corporation focused on designing and manufacturing neato stuff instead of just doing what a large company in Seattle tells them to do (along with various spare time activities such as spying, handing over large amount of compensation to incompetent top managers, and stuff like that)

One day, a group of engineers came up with an idea. They should make a Nifty Product (that wasn't a printer) which was aimed mainly at other techies. They quickly agreed that this product should contain feature X, since they knew that techies tended to think feature X was Extra Super Neato (while most other people thought "Learn new stuff? That's unpossible!" after which they would go back to failing to use feature Y, which was found on competitors products and didn't work.)

Then disaster struck.
Marketing found out about the project.

Marketing went up to the engineers and said "Yur stoopid, yu can't have feature X in this product!"
Engineering, who where rightfully proud over this nifty product (which wasn't a printer) which they thought would sell to lots and lots of techies world wide (who would think "Gee! Another nifty product from PH! And it has feature X! I'm so happy!"), asked Marketing "And why not?"
So Marketing patiently explained "Like, dude, man, dont yu know anythin? Only friggin TECHIES like feature X!"

The product shipped with feature Y.
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Postby wrightc on Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:22 am

Ah, Marketing...

On the other hand, I love their laptops. Very Linux-friendly, once you work around the proprietary wireless drivers (thank you ndiswrapper).
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