I am really psyched about the new site design.

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I am really psyched about the new site design.

Postby wrightc on Fri Mar 02, 2007 8:19 am

Not many people read this forum, spoiled as we all are by the old wordpress comments system, but for those of you who do wander by here, all I have to say is that the new site, when it goes up, is going to be really, really cool.

Thanks to a reader who helped me out yesterday I was able to fix a few problems that were making it look ridiculous in Internet Explorer. Now it looks pretty good. But what's really cool is the host of new features and capabilities it's going to offer:

1. My entire comics archive for each webcomic, from start to finish, will be stored in the site database. No having to jump to the static pages to read all (soon to be) 11 years of the comic.

2. Every comic will have tags for it's category (i.e., comic name), story arc, and characters appearing in the comic. Clicking on any of those tags will allow you to browse through the archives using that tag as a filter. For example, clicking on the storyline tag will let you browse through that story only, from start to finish. Clicking on a character's name will let you browse through every comic featuring that character.

Want to see every comic with Phil in it? Click on his name!

3. Archives for each comic that can be filtered by year, with links to individual comics and storylines.

4. A bookmarking system that allows registered users to place bookmarks on specific "pages" of the site. If you're going through the archives and want to stop, just bookmark the comic on you're on and come back to it later.

5. The ability for registered users to edit their own comments!

6. Math captchas for anonymous users -- essentially if you don't log in you have to solve a simple addition problem before you can post. I hope that will discourage some of the robo-spammers.

7. The entire site is searchable. So was the WordPress site, but Drupal's Taxonomy system makes it more likely to be able to search comics in a more useful manner.

8. Drupal's setup is supposed to make it a lot more stable than WordPress, which seemed to crash every time my traffic went over 8.5K visits in a day.

There's still quite a bit more to do -- I have to create a little bit more content, write a few site faqs to let people know how to use the features, and upload the rest of my Help Desk archives (the Kernel Panic and OSW comics are already up, tagged, and indexed.) That's a pretty big task, though I think if I try I can be finished in a week.

At any rate. I'm quite happy with how it has progressed so far. I think you all are going to like it.
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Postby Unsaneweb on Sat Mar 03, 2007 5:13 am

good luck on the new site and if you still need someone to look over the CSS you can always send it my way. I've spent way to much time messing with CSS so I know it real well.

By the way I love the comic.
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