Story mode for the hardcores.

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Story mode for the hardcores.

Postby Eight on Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:22 am

This is just a topic where I'll be hinting at some of the upcoming story elements in RW4, which is basically only something the really hardcore readers would possibly be interested in reading. Yes, all three of you.

After the agonizingly long buildup since RW4 started in November last year, the plot was basically killed abruptly within the span of three pages for the sake of humor and everything was explained away in a typically RW-ish manner. This however does not mean the story is 'over', it's merely just taking another sudden turn. Now that the fucking chipmunk has been perma-killed, the RW multiverse is now in a general state of calm. Since the recent escalation of interdimensional hostility had been monitored carefully and brought to a conclusion, with the addition of some convenient meta-technology to clean everything up, there is now nearly zero risk of future incidents occuring.

This normally would make any post-takeover storylines boring, but there are a few missing pieces of the puzzle that haven't been clearly addressed - those of you with knowledge of past RW incarnations and a keen eye will have already figured out who the new central antagonist is going to be. Without implicitly saying who it is, I will leave you with some questions.

Why is Max heading 'east'? Didn't they leave New York in RW2 and why were they in Nevada?
(It isn't stated in the comic how they ran out of money but the cast page (and summary of rw4 when it launched) imply that they blew all their money in Las Vegas, since the story begins at Bruno's store.) (now equipped with a gas station.)

How did the chipmunk manage to take over the multiverse again?
(The first time, he had a helping set of hands... since he's a cartoon character he's been shown firing guns and somehow riding a motorcycle, but it should generally be impossible for him to operate a Subaru Impreza based time machine.)

Who was that shady dude Panda was talking to over the phone?
(Hang on a second, now the pieces are coming together aren't they? Shea said the car was bugged, so who was listening?)

Oh snap, you know who it is, don't you?
Well, since you three are the only ones reading this, I'll let you in on what's going to happen next in the story....

I personally think Panda is a fun character, partly because she's a pathological liar/cheater and would make a great shift to an antagonistic role. *ring ring*
Shea has been interesting to write as well, as she's a nosy little know-it-all, basically an alternate of Romy so her intelligence matches her job as a no-nonsense upholder of justice. Somehow she just knows something doesn't sit right with this conclusion and perhaps decides to do some freelance investigation...
Max will probably fall somewhere in between, at odds with himself to decide what to do next as their situation again grows desperate.

SPOILERS:And for the really really really hardcores, this antagonist was created back in 2000 and written to be UNBEATABLE. He is extremely intelligent and knows when to back down from a fight (usually, lol - he underestimated Marlie, and had some poor luck against Haley too), is incredibly resourceful and manipulative and works towards furthering his own power and resources. He has been shown to play the role of a loyal minion while planning to overthrow his bosses.

You guessed it. It's Louie, and this time he's the boss and has gained knowledge of multidimensional and time travel while allowing the spiteful chipmunk to bask in all of his short-lived glory. It's unclear as to what extent his role was in the recent takeover but it is insinuated that the incredibly rapid progression was due to cloning - it is not stated who was cloned but ultimately the chipmunk stepped forward to claim responsibility and use the threat of complete destruction in an attempt to achieve his sole burning desire to destroy Haley.
As the multiverse would simply be 'reset' from backups, there was no official investigation (as of yet) into the actual means of the quick proliferation of resources and entities responsible for the takeover. It is assumed that Romy holds the official title of Director and that Shea is basically the second-in-command. Moses is now merely the tool for materializing any needed fictional technology that would be used to ensure the basic security of the multiverse after the first takeover attempt, and he is shown briefly as having regressed into a passive, consumption-based lifestyle.
The main loophole here is that Romy is also a bit of a ditz, so probably isn't focusing on the details of what has happened but more on the problem at hand.
In fact, the D.P.T.A. itself is just another imperfect, flawed, and loosely monitored human-based enforcement agency that was only created to prevent history from repeating.
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