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Hi! . . .and oh mY GOD!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2004 7:13 am
by Carly says
Hello, all! My name is Carly, and I'm an animation major at SVA!

I was looking at another Keenspot page when I saw the advertisement for Krazy Larry. Something about it looked eerily familiar, so I clicked. And then it hit me...

I used to read Krazy Larry when he was in Disney Adventures! (In colored pencil, if memory serves me correctly). I was in grammar school at the time, a mere youngin, but man I used to love those strips. And now here I am, 20 years old, and I have rediscovered them! Ha! I triumph over fate again!

Seriously, I'm glad to see you're still going with this, man. It warms my heart. Three cheers for Krazy Larry!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2004 10:44 am
by Paul Southworth
First of all, Hi :) Second of all, WHOA, hold up there. Methinks ye are a little confused. KL never appeared in Disney Adventures (I wish though). You're probably thinking of "react Magazine", a PARADE-like insert for teens in the Sunday paper a few years ago. That is unless, of course, someone stole the cartoons I did when I was 15 years old and published them in Disney Adventures without my knowledge, in which case I think the earth will be collapsing in on it's own core of tasty molten lasagna any time now :)

In ANY case, glad you found KL again! Welcome back.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2004 12:01 pm
by Carly says

Sorry about the SNAFU. I was an avid reader as a youngin. Heh :roll: