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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 12:32 pm
by Paul Southworth
Hey, I was thinking of doing a KL shirt, but I don't want to be all normal and do a t-shirt, so I was thinking of doing a bowling shirt. It would PROBABLY cost about $15.95 (or thereabouts). Here is the design I'm thinking of, based loosely around this comic:

Would you wear/buy this shirt?


Keep in mind this MAY have to be a t-shirt design instead, depending on pricing issues. Input, please :)

EDIT: On second thought, now that I realize that bowling shirts cost and UNGODLY AMOUNT OF MONEY, this will be a t-shirt. GAH!

Here is what it would look like as a tshirt:

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 2:11 pm
by RichK
It is an odd idea. I wouldn't wear it for 2 reasons,
1) I'm in a wheelchair so no one would see the back,
2) It's too crazy an idea. It would have to be explained and with that one strip being the reference there is way to much to say about Larry and his lobotomy, etc.
The design is really slick looking though. Great fonts and overall artistic look but not a t-shirt design for me. I will be making the design a wallpaper for myself though. I guess that's what I mean about the design...great for wallpaper but not a shirt.

The Burger Pharm might make a better shirt idea. It's amusing and easy to explain. Have the design on the front, same blue shirt if possible, comic link on back/arm. (I've bought a lot of shirts from with that layout so you may want to give them a look-see as to what they do.)

Hope this helps.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 2:46 pm
by Paul Southworth
Actually Rich, the obscurity was what I was going for. Traditionally, the less a t-shirt directly references certain characters, events, a comic, the better. True, it's an out there idea, but it can be independently understood by people who don't read the comic. All anybody knows is that this person belongs to an organization that encourages the eating of brains. That and the image of the brain at a place setting I think would sell the shirt to those who are not familair with the comic (or not looking forward to having to explain to people who certain characters are, etc...). The only thing I was concerned about, actually, was people not immediatley understanding the word "masticate" :) But, of course, I will take any and all advisement under consideration. After all, what the hell do I know? Anybody else?

On a side note: Wheelchair? Forever? What happened? That sucks....

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 3:06 pm
It's a little too loud. It could use some grey scale.

And the tagline "Eating your brain since 1813" is kind of a tired gag.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 7:42 pm
by Ronald_MacK
Okay, that is the greatest idea ever. I've always wanted a bowling shirt, but those colours are awesome, the design is great, and the price is amazing.


Go with Bowling!!!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 9:22 pm
by TheCreamFilling
If you can make the bowling shirt for $25 or less I would MUCH rather that one! It is something I can wear that is both somewhat dressy, yet psychotic, and there are many places I go where it would be appropriate.

...and I love the colorscheme...

So... please... make the bowling shirt!!!

And I MUST concure with Paul: the obscurity of the refference makes it all the better. Remember, you don't need to explain it, just tell them: "If you read Krazy Larry" you'd understand.... or don't tell them anything about it, and just be cryptic 8)

Again... Bowling shirt pleasepleaseplease....

(ps: I still want a Stinkgplugg Tshirt though...)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2004 7:15 am
by RichK
Paul Southworth wrote:On a side note: Wheelchair? Forever? What happened? That sucks....

Yeah, I broke my neck at 15, on Martin Luther King Jr. day(Jan 16, 1984), a day off of high school. I hit a stonewall head on on a tobbogan and am a C5-C6 quadraplegic living in a wheelchair. I can use my arms and wrists but no fingers so I type by tapping the keys with the side of my pinky knuckle (kudos to Microsoft for Sticky Keys!). I graduated high school with my class (tutored during rehab) and got a BS in computer science from Fairfield University in 4 years (with my class too). I have health aides, morning and night, who help me with with my activties of daily life (dress, bathe, etc.) but live fairly independently. I do not need any breathing assistance like Christopher Reeves.
If I was transfered on to a couch I'd be as "normal" as any of you. People who know me say I'm an inspiration but I'm just living my life.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2004 8:21 pm
by Imperator Severn
I'd wear that shirt, specifically so as to freak people out. And I'd never explain it to anyone.

RichK, I'm impressed at what you've overcome. You, sir, are a badass.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2004 7:24 am
by OmegaFrost
I think that the bowling shirt is an awesome idea.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2004 7:17 am
by Carly says
I personally love the illustration, but it's not my kind of shirt. However, that's because I am a girly priss. Maybe if you made the brain pink instead... :wink:

(only kidding)