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Postby Melonpool on Tue May 18, 2004 4:54 pm

I have a ton of Book IIIs in my pantry that I have to get rid of by the time Book V is delivered, so I've reduced the price from $19.95 to $5.00 (plus shipping).

Ordinarily, I wouldn't post here about this, but since Book III happens to include <A HREF=""> (by Paul Southworth) and my <A HREF="">my version of Krazy Larry</A> from April 2001, I thought I'd pass along the info. I'm only holding the sale for the first 130 books or 2 months, whichever comes first.

For more info, <A HREF="">go here</A> and scroll down to the third book.

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Postby Paul Southworth on Wed May 19, 2004 4:10 am

Troop is generously letting me stay in his hotel room for the Comic Con this year, so you should buy his book. You should buy it anyway, but now you should buy two. Also, five copies of my book, seven issues of "Cosmo", and a pushbroom.

Seacrest out.
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Postby LCARS on Wed May 19, 2004 11:27 pm

I'll buy both you guy's crap.

I'll also buy some pocket lint. But it must be signed with a Certificate of Authenticity.
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Postby Imperator Severn on Sat May 22, 2004 5:39 pm

"Stones for the execution madam? Only 75 P!
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