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Postby SadisticEuphoria on Fri Apr 05, 2002 8:04 pm

Hey Babes!
I've been getting A.I.M's from some people every once in while from you guys at this forum. That's cool and all I like talking to random strangers about stuff we have in common BUT everyone thinks I'm a guy, well just to clear the air I like to say:
Im not a guy.
I am 18 year old chick, woman, girrrrrl, <b>female.</b> Just wanted to clear that up... am I the only chick that likes KL? There somewhere around, here.. *looks about*
Later Darlin's! ^.~ (<-- notice the cute and feminine wink! ^.^) ... fighta.jpg
this isn't fan art but I just wanted to show it for some damn reason. that little alien thing is Presto, another.. uh.. "personality"


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Postby LCARS on Sun Apr 07, 2002 7:17 am

Perhaps phpBB should have a littlr M/F icon so people don't get confused. Maybe when keenspot upgrades to phpBB2 in about a week it'll have that (probably not :wink: ).
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