how's about norman for v.p.?

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Postby stinkysmellyhyena on Mon Aug 14, 2000 6:10 am left the obvious choice for larry's running mate off the poll...<P>norman gates from s.s.d.d.<P>seriously...both are psychotic, both are dangerous to be around, and both love explosives...the only problem would be that teaming the two together would most likely result in wwIII...but that would be a small price to pay for such amusing antics <IMG SRC=""><P>------------------
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Postby LCARS on Mon Aug 14, 2000 7:34 am

Naw, If larry was running for president, he would choose "Rhino the Jimmy" A dyslexic bank robbing biker gang member ex-con with the nasty habit of chewing the heads off baby ducklings, and stealing hand fulls of those little mints they have in restaurants.<P>BTW, WHY would he run anyway?
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Postby Alan Foreman on Wed Aug 16, 2000 10:30 am

Do you think the small, <I>tiny</I> facts that Norman Gates is an English anarchist would be a problem here?<P>------------------
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Postby stinkysmellyhyena on Fri Aug 18, 2000 6:24 am

No, Al, not really...<P>I know I'd be willing to vote for a foreign anarchist in public office...<P>And yes, i realize that one has to be a U.S. citizen to hold office here, but still, it's just a hypothetical thing...just like Larry running for president...ain't gonna happen, but it would be cool if it did...<P>And yes, my mind does need S.S.D.D.<P>Larry and S.S.D.D. make my hum-drum little life bearable...<P>So thanks, Paul and Al, for producing the two best comics on Keenspot.<P> <IMG SRC=""><P>yep...i'm a brownnoser, i guess...<P>------------------
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Postby Xenodochium on Wed Jul 09, 2003 9:52 pm

Now I'm SCARED!! They're MY favs too! In fact, here's a weird little story, so gather round in a semicircle... No, really, I was reading SSDD... and downloading some of the comics -- Norman-oriented ones, being that I have a thing with evil bunnies -- and I wondered what that weird guy he was swearing at online was. He looked evil. I thought to myself;

'What IS that thing?!?! It look likes he has an army helmet grafted onto his head!"

I found the comic again and followed the link to this site, which was a delightful (assuming I could experience delight) surprise! Now I bet you wish I hadn't. I like bombarding forums and creating chronicalogical chaos, though you should be flattered; I only really do that to ones I like.

Prof. Kwayn 'Anonymous' Xenophon

PS... doesn't this thing 8) just drive you nuts?!?!?
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