The Never-Ending Story

It will always live on in our hearts. And other vital organs contained within our eventually-dead bodies.

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Postby Rokkit Boy on Tue Oct 23, 2001 3:35 am

I'm doin' one of these thangs fo' every forum on the keenspot message boards. This is the 14th.
They will all get the exact same starting and I will see how differently they mutate.
It goes like this: I start a story with about 5 lines and whoever wants to can carry on after it, continuing until the sun explodes and we die.<P>Rules:
1.)Don't put your signature on the bottom of the post.
2.) Thats it.<P><font color="red">THE NEVER-ENDING STORY.</font><P>I was sitting in the 'Breakgooses' cafe with a giant purple dragon and a sentient coin who kept flipping himself, when suddenly the waitress walked over and...
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Postby jeffrey rowland on Tue Oct 23, 2001 7:29 am

... said "please do not post the same message on every single message board."
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