EXCLUSIVE "Black Plague" Unpublished Comic Pages Up For Auct

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Postby Paul Southworth on Fri Oct 05, 2001 1:39 am

Howdy <P>From the date of this post until October 12th, the first of seven original "Black Plague" pages will be up for auction at <A HREF="http://auctions.keenspot.com/cgi-bin/auction.pl?category=illust&item=1002920663" TARGET=_blank>http://auctions.keenspot.com/cgi-bin/auction.pl?category=illust&item=1002920663</A> <P>But this is no ordinary auction, oh no my friends. These seven pages of fully inked comic goodness will NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY. That's right, I got about knee deep into the production of "Black Plague" #3 (a Keenspot comic book, if you don't know), and became very unhappy with the direction the plot was going...so i scrapped the entire thing and started over from scratch. Henceforth, i am left with seven completed pages of art that is useless to me. But one's man's trash is another man's trash that he will pay money for!<P>If you're one of those people who likes to get in on the ground floor, this is for you. If anything i EVER do is EVER EVER going to be worth more than the paper it's printed on, this is it. Imagine owning a few original pages of an alternate "AMAZING FANTASY" #15, in which Spiderman murders his own Uncle and sucks the flesh clean off his bones! (mind you, I'm not comparing my drivel with such classics, just trying to give you an idea of the possibilities, however remote.)<P>And for those of you who doubt my limited talent will lead me anywhere, these will become incredibly valuable when I go on my killing spree. <P>HAPPY SHOPPING!!<P>PS The six subsequent pages will be made available gauging the success of this premiere outing. <P>------------------
Sunshine and Napalm,<P>Paul Southworth
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