WIGU: the official Keenspot news team?

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Postby TeleGib on Sun Sep 23, 2001 8:25 am

Aside from noting that Zoe is in today's <a href="http://www.everythingjake.com">Everything Jake</a>, I'm just wondering: is WIGU the official Keenspot fake news organization? If not, it should be.<P>Good comic in general.
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Postby Foiba * on Mon Sep 24, 2001 4:51 am

furries need to PUT ON SOME GODDAMN PANTS!
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Postby jeffrey rowland on Mon Sep 24, 2001 7:24 am

See, kermit the frog was one day, daydreamin (he was daydreamin') thinking bout himsel at a red light with that... it ain't easy bein green, and, and the cars behind him kept honkin and honkin... and kermit's last words as he flipped the bird were "damn you muppets just keep on takin! see I got my own thing now so stop tootin! I got my lilypad jumpin miss piggy bumpin, lotta miss piggys and that's all good and, I'mma turn this red light into a block party! so we can get back to basics of what?" (rainbow connected)<P>------------------
you don't need pants for the victory dance
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Postby jamieg on Mon Sep 24, 2001 9:40 am

I think WIGU is the official human news team, and KPET (Newshounds) is the official furry news team.
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Postby lanty on Tue Sep 25, 2001 7:40 am

damn straight.<P>------------------
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