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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2001 5:13 am
by dextrus
In today's strip, in the second panel:<P>All I can say is, it looks like a GREEN donkey is being kidnapped by aliens.<P>Is this true?<P>If so, why?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2001 8:36 am
by jeffrey rowland
OH MY GOODNESS!! I didn't draw that on there!<P>I think it was one of those mysterious post-photography things, like those flying streaks of light or those shadow people that Art Bell is always hollering about.<p>[This message has been edited by jeffrey rowland (edited 07-18-2001).]

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2001 3:48 am
by dextrus
The gullible and weak minded might believe you Jeffrey but the catalogue of strangeness keeps growing.<P>Witness todays "exploding Helmut" strip. In the last two panels, Zoe is WEARING A FRACTAL and Helmut's right ear is the exact likeness of A SUPEROSITY HAPPY TOP LIP!<P>Check it out, it's uncanny. Something is definately going on and YOU ARE BEHIND IT! (Or the government).

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2001 9:41 am
by dennisjk
And one should wonder why the "crash bar" on the door is on the side of the door that faces the outside!<P>As every good house manager knows, crash bars are placed on the inside side of doors so that massed panicking throngs of people have a safety vent, much like the pressure release valve on pressure cookers. It prevents theatres from exploding.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2001 11:23 am
by The Bob Talbot
I wonder how big his schlong is now.