Four words--Sterilization of Carrot Top

It will always live on in our hearts. And other vital organs contained within our eventually-dead bodies.

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Postby jeffrey rowland on Thu Dec 20, 2001 1:28 am

yes, i was displaying my amazing sentence constructing skills in reference to the software, not the actual content of this thread.<P>although i'm inclined to believe the post count would be far less if the software didn't do what it does.
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Postby jamieg on Thu Dec 20, 2001 11:40 am

I thought when Jeffrey said "JamieG only posted three times because this message boards SUCKS." he was referring to the software, not the posts. The software that keeps posting everything multiple times, and was the reason I posted three times ... and the reason you posted four times.
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Postby The Bob Talbot on Sun Dec 23, 2001 7:23 am

I haven't posted anything on this thread in so long because it keeps eating my posts and they don't show up. DIE CRAPPY SOFTWARE! DIE!!!<P>This will either not show up, or show up five times in a row.<P>Let's find out...
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