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PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2002 1:47 am
by ZeroAccess
a friend of mine told me about this website
and for the past 2 nights I've been reading the archives
I just got to the last day and now I'm mad...because theres no more to read
hurry up now!! hehe j/k

tight though now I'm gonna havta check some other keenspot comics out...but don't worry I still wanna see if megoth ever gets laid...

dude is just like me :sad:
yea I know I'm a loser but at least I now have a comic strip character thats just like me!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2002 1:41 pm
by Sturm

Welcome to the board HAHAHAHA I beat Jack and Pez hahahaha and yes you better come back EJake is the best.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2002 1:11 am
by Neunstern
Blast. And i thought this was going to be about sex in a car. ah well.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2002 6:18 pm
by Mike Rosenzweig
It's not about sex in a car?!?

(also, up all night... see... the ad does make sense... :razz:)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2002 7:20 am
by Neunstern
Yes well Mike feel free to share your sexual experiances with cars with us.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2002 1:38 pm
by Neunstern
Wait. What do you mean with "in the back of the car"?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2002 6:26 pm
by ZeroAccess
Went from comics to sex...gah you deprived men lol...nah j/k

anyways thanks for the welcoming party and all....hard for me to remember to come to the board but I have kept reading the comic strips...

well I would share some pretty embarrasing things about me...but I won't :grin:

PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2002 3:47 am
by Neunstern
hey we have big cars too and heaps of trains you can have sex on. I still prefer the front seat since you do have less space. Its a challange.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2002 8:43 am
by RichardCranium
Personally I prefer the sex on the hood of the car, everyone can see you in back seat anyway, may as well give them the full view.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2002 9:43 am
by RichardCranium
Now Pez don't be coy, you know we did it on top of the car too.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2002 5:38 am
by RichardCranium
On 2002-04-21 05:06, xPez starx wrote:
Well, that was rather painful...the first couple of times...but you're right...I'm sorry...But I don't wanna get into what we did on the trunk...was that even legal?

It's only illegal in 48 states, of course we weren't in one of the two states it is legal in. I'm still impressed with how you got your legs in that position.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2002 6:45 am
by Baka Groupie Grrrrrl
*sits herself near the Richard and Pez discretely, her drow ears perked up and attentive* :eek:

PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2002 2:06 am
by Neunstern
Gesh all that kinky talk made me want to tell my "first time" experiance.
Not that the car has anything to do with it; a duck might, though.

But now to something completly different!
How many of you have their own car anyway?
Or drivers license?