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Postby Caimlas on Fri Apr 12, 2002 8:24 am

...a throng of several dozen people gathered around a table with a keg of beer and a stack of cups on it. The party was being held in the 4-car garrage of one of the richer kids in school, who's parents were out of town for the week on a cruise. The group was clustered in the center of the garage.

Jake, not really interested in drinking, got a soda from the fridge in the corner of the garage and went to stand by the speakers, which were blaring rightious tones of Nirvana. "I'll just stand over here, where nobody will bother me about not drinking," Jake thought. He was concerned that his dad might smell alcohol on him if he got home and his dad found out.

"Hey, kid, what are you doing at this party?" an older-sounding voice next to him snapped. Jake whirled around, almost smacking the older, taller guy with his can of Mountain Dew.
"I, uh... I was invited. Is that OK? Is t-this your house?" Nervious that he'd be kicked out, Jake began to sweat and became even less confident.
"No, this isn't my house. This is my garage. Do you notice the absense of furniture and standard living features, or are you dense?"

Jake decided to try and play it cool. There was no sense in making himself look more like a fool than he already had. "I just figured that your parents lived in the house, and kept you out here until they needed you for special occasions to show you off - you know, sort of like a hunting trophy."

The older kid looked at Jake for a second as if he were going to smash his face into the wall, laughed, and gave Jake a slap on the back; "You're allright kid, go help yourself to the beer." He walked over towards several girls from the cheerleading squad, and started making passes.

Another older guy came over to Jake, again from behind him, and started talking.
"Hey doll, can I get you a beer?"
"What the fuck?!" Jake squalked, as he spun around and jumped back. "I'm a guy, you dumbass!"
"Oh, shit, I'm sorry. From a distance, you look like a chick. You're kind of... well, femme. You'd be a cute chick! Erm, don't mind me, that's the beer talking."

The older guy started to walk away, but suddenly turned around and started to talk to Jake again.
"Hey, what's your name, kid?"
"Jake Bruno. I'm a freshman this year."
"Oh, yeah, I know you."
"You... you do?" This party was getting weird, Jake thought. He really needed to find Nicki. She was so incredibly cute. Maybe, just maybe, he had a chance with her. Or he could find Lee, and possibly get to hug or just maybe, kiss her. He was amazed how much more attractive teenage girls seemed to him than Showtime porn flick stars.
"Yeah, I probably know you better than you do. I'm actually sure of it."
Jake tried mentally zap himself into oblivion - or at least the other side of the room, where he'd found Nicki. "What are you trying to pull, here? Who in hell's name are you?"
"Oh, sorry for not introducing myself," the guy said with a bit of a chuckle. My name's Mike, Mike Rosenzweig. You won't get to know me for several years, yet. But I promise you, when we meet - it'll be interesting! By the way, you're not supposed to be at this party. It screws up the contingency!"
At this point, Jake was freaking out. What was this Mike character talking about? And more importantly, how did he know that he was out without his dad's permission? "I'll... see you later. I have to go," Jake panicked, quickly walking to where Lee and....
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Postby Mana on Sun Apr 14, 2002 4:33 am

Faith was walking down the street. Her dad was sick, and really needed some cough medicine, and Faith had gotten a wicked case of the munchies. It was just before twilight that she left, but Faith had seen some weird guys sitting in a car in the parking lot of the store, and something told her to take the long way home. The way that involved quite streets, not the busier intersections. It wasn't as if she was really that far.

But now it was dark, and Faith was munching on a chocolate bar, one of four she had bought on sale. Hey, two for one sales were hard to resist, especially when you have a chocolate craving. As she walked, she was deep in thought about how her first day of high school went.

Well, she got that poor guy in trouble, that sucked. And he was cute, too. So cute, that Faith had been thinking about him for the rest of the day, basically. Even AMC didn't push him completely from her mind...

And what stopped her from thinking about him further, at least for the moment, was the sudden realisation that while she knew both the long and short way to the closest convience store from her house off by heart, she no longer knew where she was along that route.

"Great, Faith. It's after dark, and you don't know where you are," She whispered, in a nervous half giggle. She was far from amused.

Looking around, she saw a gnarled old tree, and realized she had missed her side street by two blocks. "Two block...just thinking of that guy," She gave that nervouse giggle again, turned around, and started heading back. The orange street lights didn't laugh with her.

But a car slowly pulled out of the parking lot of one of the houses a little further down. Faith heard this, and didn't think anything of it. Until, that is, she heard oinking sounds coming from behind her. She winced hard, as if it by a powerful punch, but she kept walking. Playing fast through her mind with all the quality of a self-help repeating self-esteem chant, over and over, she heard 'Ignore them, and they'll stop. Ignore them, and they'll stop."

But they didn't stop. And ignoring was not the best policy when you're walking alone on the street in the dark of the night. The guys from the store pulled up and kept pace with her. Out of instinct, Faith sped up. They matched her.

"Hey, PORKINS. What's your hurry?"

Despite herself, Faith felt tears sliding down her cheeks. She wanted out of this. They kept hurling insults at her, and she was getting scared. She saw an alley way between one house and knew the street beyond that house's backyard was hers. She turned and ran for the backyard. Faith was encouraged when she heard the car speeding up from behind her.

She ran, tears blinding her a bit, through the backyard, and found the gate that lead into the backyard of the next house. She went through, and started speeding to the road. She was a little more than halfway across when it occured to her a car was heading straight for her. To their credit, the guys in the car saw her about the same time she saw them. They had gunned it down the street, and headed on to her street. Playtime wasn't over yet, they weren't through following her home.

Faith ran, panicked, towards the sidewalk to miss the car, which again to the small credit of the jerks in it, did swerve to try and miss her. She tripped over the curb. The bag of stuff went flying on to her lawn, and she went down on the pavement. Other than her cheek feeling like someone had set fire to it, she was okay.

The driver of the car stopped it after Faith was clear, and just whispered "Holy sh*t," One of the guys in the car started laughing like he thought it was hilarious. The rest of the car slowly joined in. The driver did too, after a fashion, although he was very scared. More scared and feeling worse about himself than he had ever felt in all his life.

One of the guys said, "Let's get to that party, man!"

The driver nodded, pulling into a driveway and turning back into the street. The biggest jerk in the car, the one that wanted to party now, screamed out the window. "HAVE A GOOD NIGHT, PORKINS!"

Faith shakily picked up the bag of stuff. She let herself into the house. Her dad had fallen to sleep on the cough. She placed the cough medicine on the coffee table, and went upstairs to the bathroom. Her cheek was scrapped, and her hip where she landed on it hurt. Otherwise, she was alive.

Faith cleaned up, and went to her room. She furiously buried her nose in a book. She was determined not to cry again. Of course, she eventually just broke down, and ended up sobbing into her pillow, to muffle the watery gasps.

<hr width=100%>

...realized a car was pulling up behind him. "HEY KEN!" a guy in it called.

"What's tricks, a**holes! You were supposed to be here a while ago!" Ken yelled at them, calmly as if nothing happened, going as far as to bump into Jake, and pushing him to the ground. "Out of my goddamn way, squirt."

One of the guys in the car, the real jerk got out and said, "We just totally scared the sh*t out of some dumb fatso. It rocked! Dude, you should have been there! Where's the beer?"

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Postby Jackallen12 on Sun Apr 14, 2002 5:28 pm

Jake looked down at Lee sobbing in the mud. He offered her his hand and she took it weakly. Jake helped lift her from the mud and put his arm around her shoulders. "It'll be okay, that guys just a real jerk-off" Jake said

"I know," replied Lee.

Jake could see he wasn't helping much so he decided on a different course of action. "I just saw Mike and I think he's really trashed."

Lee was expecting the standard fumbled words of comfort most guys offered in these situations and it took her by surprise.

"Why do you say that?"

"Well he introduced himself to me again."

"Yeah, he's probably pretty gone." Lee snickered a little, still not completely back to normal, but better than before.

"Lets go back to the party." Jake said

"I can't Ken's back in there and I don't want to see him anymore tonight."

"Hold on right here then, I'll be back."

Lee watched Jake walk into the garage and disappear for a moment. A couple of minutes later he walked out with a huge smile on his face. He walked back over to Lee and beaming and said, "Just watch the fun's going to start soon."

A couple of minutes later Ken stumbled backwards from the mass of people. Immediatly Jack, Mike and El appeared from the crowd with really pissed looking faces.
"Leave now and we won't beat the living shit out of you." Mike said. Ken got up and looked for his boys, he needed some back up. His friends however stayed away from him. They really didn't want to mess with all the captain of the football team or his buddies. "You pussies, you gonna help me or not." Ken screamed at them.

"Uhhh, dude lets just blow this joint. I don't want a fight tonight," said the slender boy who drove them all there. Ken was filled with rage and charged at the three boys who had thrown him out. He didn't even have a chance Mike dropped him with a solid shot to the jaw. Ken hit the ground with a heavy thud. Jack walked over and picked him up off the ground, holding his arms behind him. "Hey El, your turn." Jack said. El walked over and gave Ken a gut punch. The wind was knocked out of him and he started gasping for air.Jack let him slump the the ground. "Okay my turn bitch," Jack said as he deliverd at kick to Ken's kidneys. "Allright guys stop it," Mike said. Mike turned to Ken's friends and asked them "Where's your car?" The terrified bullies pointed to there waiting ride. "Jack would you?" Mike said. "Sure thing Mikey." Jack picked up the still gasping Ken and carried him to the car. Unceremoniuously he dumped him in the backseat. Mike walked over to Lee and Jake. "Lee you okay?" Mike said. She just stood there looking at mike. Tears were welling up in her eyes again. "Jake is she allright?" Mike said. Jake replied "....
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Postby lord_nightrose on Wed May 22, 2002 11:40 am

He was in a park. That was all he knew. And It was daytime. And the sky was red.

And there was something very, very wrong with that place.


Jake stared, flabbergasted, at the man advancing toward him. It seemed that he was some sort of mutant - he had a huge, gaping mouth lined with sharp teeh, claws for hands, and what appeared to be horns sprouting above his eyebrows.

And his head was a gigantic gumdrop.

"What the quck...?" he began to say, but stopped short when a kick from the mutant sent him sailing through the air. He landed roughly against a bench, feeling something crack.

"Quck you, candy-ass," he said, shoving himself to his feet. He assumed what he thought was a karate-like stance. "Bring it on."

Faith walked up to him, smiling. "Here, Jake, have my lightsaber." She handed him the weapon. He accepted it, not at all surprised to see her there.

With a flick of his wrist, the blade sprung to life. The candy-headed beast tried to roar at him... but it turned out to be more like an angry gurgle than anything else. Jake slashed fervently at the thing, eager to be rid of it for some reason he couldn't understand. He held some sort of inexplicable hatred towards it.

"aaaaaagh!!! noooOOOOO!! CANDY FACE MAN CANNOT DIIIIEeeEEeeeeeee!!! Yeeeeeeeeeee........." it squealed, spraying sweet-smelling blood from its gaping wounds.

"That'll teach you to quck with Jake Bruno!" Jake said, standing triumphantly over the beast.

"Oh, Jake! How amazing! I want your body..." Faith said. She kneeled down in front of him, unzippied his pants, pulled down his underwear, opened her mouth and...

Jake's alarm clock went off, rousing him from his dream. "Shiiiiiiiiit," he said, obviously disappointed. "Not again. Every single qucking time, right at that point. Qucking quck. Quck it all."

Everyone. Going to be. Fucked. Wow.

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Postby El Phantasmo on Fri Jun 07, 2002 6:40 am

The sun rose early that morning, far to early and bright for El's taste. As he opened his eyes and looked around, he noticed everything was a little odd. For starters, his pants were around his ankles and the old Dr. J 'sixers jersey he usually wore was hanging from the tree branch above his head. The other weird thing was that he was in the middle of the park, with the crew and his Shaggin Wagon nowhere in sight.

Damn, I'm gonna kill someone for this, he thought.

As he gathered his stuff together and gott his bearings, he realized Jake's house was about 3 blocks over and 10 up.

"Shit, I hate walking. Someone will definitely pay. And they will pay hard. Wonder in Jake's got anything in his fridge."

And pulling a pack of Nails from his back pocket, he lit on and started walking.


Jake awoke to the sound of his dad on the phone. He couldn't hear what he was saying, but he could tell be the tone in his voice it wasn't good. He got up and walked to the bathroom, feeling the pressure from the beer the night before. Alex was just finishing her hair in the mirror when he walked in the room.

"So, how'd it go?"

"Alright, Lee got hit by some fuck so Mike, Jack, and that big black motherfucker El beat his ass. Some other stuff happened that was weird and then we ditched El in the park with his pants down."

"Sounds fun. Twisted, but fun."

Jake grunted and turned to relieve himself when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it."

When Alex got to the door, she opened it and found.......
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Postby J_Mark_H on Tue Jun 18, 2002 8:42 am

Mike, standing there trying to block the sun from his eyes.

"Hey, is Jake here?" Mike asked in a voice that was a little quieter than normal.

"Yeah, he was just taking a piss, i'll tell him to come down." Beck turned around and yelled, "JAKE! Mike's here and he wants to talk to you, so hurry up, just don't zip your stuff up again, we don't want to miss school cause you're in the ER!" She turns back around and tells Mike "You can wait on the couch. Don't go in the kitchen, dad's talking to a client or somebody on the phone."

"Ok, thanks Beck," Mike says as he plops down on the couch.

After a few minutes, Jake came stumbling down the stairs and into the living room. "Hey Mike, what's up?"

"Ow, Jake, not so loud, I've got a killer hang over. You have a good time last night, boss?"

When Mike called him boss again, it came to Jake that he'd forgotten about one thing last night. Mike's english paper.

"Oh Crap," Jake said, a little too loudly for Mike, who winced just a bit. "Sorry man, I forgot, just gimme till the start of school and I should have something put together."

"Ok, just remember, it's always good to start off English with a good paper. It makes the teacher grade the rest thinking about how good the first was. Anyway, I gotta go pick Nicki up for school. See ya there." Mike stood up and let himself out while Jake went into the kitchen to get breakfast. He forgot his dad was in there, and not sounding too happy. He walked in and saw his dad slam the phone down.

"Jake, sit down. We need to talk," his dad said, looking disappointed and angry all at the same time...
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Postby Mike Rosenzweig on Tue Jun 18, 2002 7:51 pm

"It was", and Jake's dad stopped, and put one finger on his mustache, as if by pressing it would release the correct answer, removed his finger and continued, "It was your uncle from California, it seems your cousin was in a bit of a car crash but now everything seems to be okay."

"Um... Mitchell?"

"Yeah, but like I said, he's okay now."


"Just thought I, you know", (mustache touch again), "tell you."

"Uh, thanks."

"No problemo."


"Yeah Jake?"

"Didn't I ask you not to say: problemo?"

Jake's dad smiled at this, and then made a zipper out of thin air and sealed his motuh closed. He found this highly amusing, Jake just rolled his blue eyes.

Mike and Becky were talking when Jake walked into the living room. He was flirting with Becky but she seemed uninterested. "Well, Jake-o", (where was 'boss', Jake thought), "ya got my paper?"

"It's just upstairs. Give me, uh, ten minutes to get it."

"Why does it take you ten minutes to just go upstairs, uh, JAke-o?" It was Becky, and Jake tossed her an evil eye. She answered with one of her own.

"The printer, uh, Mike, it's a dot matrix, takes like fucken forever to print, yo."

"Didn't dad just buy you a laser printer?"

"Yes, Becky, thank you for reminding me... I'll be right back, Mike."

"Humph, kids."

Jake's eyes were rolling in their sockets and he bolted up the carpeted steps. I'm gonna kill her one day, he thought, as he went into his room and pulled out the assignment sheet that Mike had given him yesterday. My god, was it only yesterday? Think, Jake, think, don't blow everything you accomplished, write Mike a good paper.

* * * *

Somewhere in Brooklyn, Kelly Rose darted out of a taxi before paying and was never seen by the driver again.

* * * *

Faith Robbins told her dad she was too sick to go to school today. He smiled at her, and asked if he could do anything for her. She didn't say anything at first, and then asked if he could get her those "tai bo" tapes she saw on TV. He says he will try and look for them when he gets out of work, because he remembers that someone on the street might have it. He then tells her that there is a fresh bag of 'Mallowmars' in the fridge but she's going to have to fight for them, since Jimmy Junior already sniffed them out. They say I love yous and he leaves, and Faith feels better as she fals asleep on dried tears.

* * * *

Here, Jake said, waving a piece of paper in front of him, shoving it into Mike;s hands. "It's your paper, sir."

"Thanks Jake."

"Aren't you going to read it to us, Mike?"

"Actually, Becky, that's a good idea. I have a better one, wanna go for some dinner tonight, perhaps a movie?"

"Sure, but only becuase you're handsome and charming and popular, otherwise, I'd decline."

"Sweet. Oh, yeah, the paper, almost forgot..."

Mike holds it up, squints, and clears his throat. "How I spent my summer vacation, by mike---
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Postby J_Mark_H on Sun Jul 28, 2002 7:25 pm

...El. "Think you're somethin funny, huh? Leavin me in the park with my pants down. Heheh... Well, I'm gonna play the role of teacher this morning. Lesson number one: Payback's a bitch," El said through his wide, almost-evil grin that seemed to almost touch both ears. Then, before Jake could try to struggle at all, El dropped a rope around him and tied his arms to his sides, grabbed his wrists together behind his head and tied them up too. Somehow he managed to rip Jake's shirt off through the rope, then yanked his pants down and off.
Jake had a look on his face that said he wasn't sure if El was joking, or about to try to have some kind of wierd japanese porno cartoon experience with him. El noticed the look.
"Don't worry, I ain't gonna touch ya. Nah, I'm no fag. But you will have to go to first hour like this." El opened the door right as the bell before the tardy bell rang. "Enjoy."
Jake overcame his anger for a second to mutter, "why me?"
El, hearing the low spoken words, replies "Not _just_ you. But you get it the worst. Why? You're freshman. You _always_ get it the worst. Mike and the rest will get some though, don't worry." He then walked out of the closet, laughing quietly to himself.
Now Jake was left with a decision. Does he cower in the broom closet? or try to find some clothes, possibly gym dressouts, until he can find El and get his own clothes back.
Finally Jake decides to...
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Postby Squirrel on Mon Jul 29, 2002 3:32 am

try out a ballet outfit which is to the right of him.
He thinks to himself that this must someday
have to help him in a life threatening situation.
It was a bitch but he managed to get the outfit
as high so it look like pants...
gay pants...but pants.
he suddenly saw that Lee stod infront of the closset
she was clapping and laughing like hell.
"Someday you have to learn me that trick"
and then she...
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Postby Mike Rosenzweig on Thu Sep 05, 2002 8:14 am

Faith Robbins. She gave them a queer look, and then kind of looked to the left of them. Lee and Jake starred at her, and she starred back. No one said anything. Faith again leaned over to the right, trying to look behind them, and they kind of leaned in the same direction, all silent.

Faith leaned once more, then sighed. "There was a ballat outfit in here, did, uh, you guys, uh..."

Lee was, of course, wearing part of it. "Nope, sorry. Not in here, hon."

Faith blushed and felt her face become hot with embarassment. She managed a weak smile and excused herself. She felt like she wanted to cry but didn't. Alice, who the ballet outfit belonged to, was going to kill her.

Alice seemed only to weigh ten pounds. She wasn't very tall or shapely. Alice didn't know who she wanted to be, this week, it was a dancer. One of the classics. Ballet. She was going to be a great dancer and her best friend, her only firend, Faith, was going to be her assistant, becasue, as Alice has told her, no one wants to see Faith in a tu-tu. Faith commented that no one wants to see toothpick legs in a tu-tu either, and Alice smiled and said that Faith's brother would, which got Faith all red in the face (again).

"What was that all about?", Jake asked, scratching his head. It was only the first week of school, and he'd made such a big splash. Junior high was tough, he didn't have too many friends, just him, Pete, and Rich (who has been sick with mono and is to miss the first month of freshman high school.) Now he had too many to name. And, girls! A lot of girls!

The shirt, green day shirt, smelled like a girl. To Jake, it was intoxicating, he looked over at Lee and saw her there, looking a bit confused on what o do. He smiled a big, goofy smile. "I love you."


"Uh, what do we do now?"

"I told you, go find Neun and get me a shirt or something. It's cold in here."

"I can tell. Um..."

"Come right back."

"I will. Hey, thanks again for switching clothes with me, the clothes smell great, by the way..."

"That's Nicks. It smells like him. Now get-go."


Jake made a funny face at the silliness of the way "get-go, gotcha" sounded and went out into the hall. The clothes gave off a smell again and Jake tried not to throw up when it smelled instead of girly perfume, like man's colonge. He looked down the hall, trying to ignore some silly stares. Where the hell was Neun?
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Postby Ogrestone on Thu Sep 05, 2002 10:02 am

Jake scurried down the hallway, desprate to find Neun. As he hopped to look over the line of seniors slowly making there way down the hallway, he saw none other than El. Jake did a quick 180, and ran straigh into Pete. "Woah there Nelly!, hey Greenday! When'd you start listening to good music? And NICE PANTS! Where you been shopping SAVERS?"
"Ummm I think I just saw him down the other sidea the B wing. Whats with you?"
I cant think of anything....
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Postby El Phantasmo on Wed Sep 25, 2002 1:43 pm

Lee came flying down the hall, with only the ballerina pants on screaming bloody murder about.....
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