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Threads of reality

PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:13 pm
by m0rtimer

There is a saying that goes as following: "The roads to the greatest of evils are paved with good intentions.".
It is a saying nothing more then true. And the same counts for the story we are about to create: a single man, holding nothing more then good intentions, attempting to achieve just a single thing.

But when he succeeded, he would soon wish he had not: for he would get more then he bargained for.

But I am looking ahead of things, aren't I? For starters, this event is yet to transpire, and neither is he the main character of this story. No- our heroes can be found within the darkstrangled forest: named so for it's "infestation" of creatures other then humans, elf, or the usual accepted races. Yes, "monsters". And yet there we find our heroes: 7 goblins of the heartbound clan.

To explain how this is possible, I'm afraid I will have to give a little history lesson: And said lesson finds it roots about 50 years in the past, where ten goblin slaves are released from imprisonment, and settled with a task one could not hope to achieve: to defeat a demon, there were an entire army of adventurers had fallen before.

The goblins had their chance of forgetting about this impossible quest, returning to their homes, and hope the humans, elves and dwarves would be able to duke out this battle on their own. But they didn't. They accepted this mission: they travelled the lands, forged alliances, booted an corrupt king of his throne, and amassed a force to take on the demon.
Many men died to the demons army and fury. Yet in the end they were victorious. And they proved something to the entire world: goblins can be good.
Goblins can be heroes.
The story spread, spanning over the continent, over the seas, until every single man alive knew the story.
However, it was like a drop of rain into a pool: those cities who had been closest to this event began friendly relationships with these goblins: but far up in the north- Were our 7 goblins live- All it did serve for was tolerance for their existence.

Which brings us to these 7 goblins, gathered together, the rest of their clan unknowning. It had allready been proven that goblins could serve good. But yet another step had to be taken to prove their full worth to this plane.
These goblins had decided to take that step.
They would become more then only heroes-
They would become adventurers.

How to signup
Very simple really! All you have to do is post that you want to join: that alone is enough for a chance to get in the game. However, you can increase your chance of getting in! I award a "bonus ticket" for two things:

1: If your not in any other game (excluding games everyone can join such as TWSK and CTF) Make note of this, so I can keep it in mind! (this might be adjusted: for example, not much use in this if everyone that signs up is allready in a game, right?)
2: Write a character background: It doesn't have to be anything overly large! I would hate to see that you create an epic backstory, only to not make the random roll. It may be something short, and if you do get in you can expand on it as we start preparing for the official kickoff the game.

I would also like to state that, whilst this game is a continuation of my previous game, you do not need to have read, or even have a vague idea of what happened in said story. If there would be anything you would need to know from then, trust me, it will be told. The goblins wouldn't know of it otherwise after all.

This will be an text based adventure game, with sometimes pictures if relevant. If that isn't your cup of tea, then sorry, this game ain't for you.
Now that half of the forum left though, let's continue for those of you who are interested! There are a few things to be adressed:

Turns and days
I will attempt to update daily, though reserve the right to take a skip day if I have the need to. In each case, each turn each player will have a major and minor action. Minor actions include things as talking, looting, inspecting, small things, whilst the major action compromises out of almost everything else: attacking (which ends your turn), healing yourself with an potion, travelling... You can assume an action is a major action unless mentioned by me it is a minor, and in doubt, can ask for clarification.

In each case, days also pass in this game, each day taking 24 turns. (how coincidental) There is also the avaiability to "rest", but more of that later in the game.

This game will come with a very basic class system: Upon defeating encounters, EXP is awarded, and upon reaching a new level, the player is awarded with a new skill or a choice between two or more avaiable skills. With only one choice per levelup, you might want to think your choices through..

Have a list of the avaiable classes:

As an cleric, your duty will be being the healbitch. Okay, I'm sorry, that's not inviting enough. Your actual duty will consist out of being a healbitch whilst you stand on the sidelines, safe from most danger. Seriously though, your role is to be the main source of healing in the group and, as you level up, aid the group with all manners of boosts. Each party needs at least one, let's be honest.

The clerics starting skill is: minor heal: restores 1 HP to an party member

For the first many levels, the rogue's role will consist mainly out of trap detection and disabling, as well as being the stealthing member of the party, responsible for all things sneaky. As he levels up though, he will also become a good aid in battle.

The rogue's starting skills are: Stealth and trap detection/disabling

Just as the cleric, the wizard can hopefully have the luxury of standing behind the meatshields, as he will most likely be the most vulnerable party member. And in the beginning, also the weakest, for he could wield a sword and be just as powerful as his comrades. But don't be fooled: as he levels up, he'll begin unlocking a deadly artillery of spells. Besides that, he will also have the ability to learn extra spells from books- provided he can find these.

The wizards starting skill is: Magic missile: deals 2 magical damage

The warrior
This is a little bit trickly: What I want to make clear under "the warrior" is the person responsible for the tanking/shielding, you know what I mean. However, this compromises out of several different playable classes, all with different bonuses/penalties. The reason that I am putting them all under each other is because I'm advicing that at least one class out of each group should be taken, as I'll repeat below, and I'd count these groups all together.
Warrior: This would be the basic template: the tank responsible for protecting his fellow comrades. Picking this class will not result in many usable skills, but you will certainly become the best defended party member
Paladin: The same as the warrior, but sacrificing some defence and offence for healing and smiting powers.
Berserker: Again the same: but emphasing on attack rather then defence
Ranger: Actually doesn't count with the warrior category anymore, but I want to make clear it is also an avaible option. You would still remain one of the better armored members of the group, but become a ranged unit instead of melee.

As there 7 players, and 4 categories, there is room for some leniency, but I would advice that at least each category is picked once.

Character creation
(If you manage to make it into the game, the following will have to be filled in)

Gender: M/F
Color: (with BBC code)
Character background:


Traits: Let me explain the trait system for a moment: The trait system is a system which I hope can be used to define each character a bit more, based on a point system. Everyone gets 1 of these trait points for free. Now, for example, I could say that my goblin is a very buff goblin, expending that one point for an +1 ATT. But I could also say that my goblin has knowledge over plants, giving him basic potionmaking skills. But let us say that trait would cost three points instead of 1: so we'd have to "earn" 2 trait points: we can do this by giving our goblin a handicap, for example, missing his left arm so he can't wear a shield.

I realize that this system can be used for minmaxing... But I hope you realize that's not the point of this system, and as we will be discussing this if you get in, you probally won't get away with that that easily :wink:

SPOILERS:There we go. Now of to bed.

It's probable I missed something- But this is done, so I'm posting it now, and if need be, will make edits later on. Feel free to ask questions if you have any! Now, let the signuping begin.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:17 pm
by PSychotic
you know i'm in this m0rt. i haven't even read anything yet. but i know this is going to be good. because you do quality in all things, man.

HealBitch (HB for short)
Gender: Male
Color: FFBF00 Gold

Healbitch grew up wanting to be anything other than a healer. But he became one anyway. He didn't really like being a healer, but everyone told him he was a natural, so HB stuck with it.

Healbitch generally hangs at the back, healing those who get hurt. He doesn't say anything important, or give his opinion on what he feels should be done. HB speaks in sarcasm and cracks jokes all the time.

Trait: Dripping Wit. HB's way with words allow him to demotivate enemies. Dripping Wit and Minor Heal cannot be used on the same turn.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:31 pm
by PicksUpSticks
Name: Picks-the-Plan

Gender: M

This one color=#BF8000

Class: Warrior

Traits: Weakness to Illusions/Strong against suggestion (i figure these balance)
-1 to rolls if he listens to any combat advice given by another player, higher chance of failure
+1 to rolls if he switches targets/plans with no warning.
Third eye: Small chance to see/feel/know what is going on around him, helping him to avoid unexpected damage.

Character Background:
When Sticks-to-the-Plan and his twin brother, Follows-The-Plan were named they were predicted to be future leaders of the clan. The two showed great promise early on, and everyone saw it as a conformation. Sticks and his brother had a type of synergy in their actions that could not be properly described through explanation. All they needed was an objective and they would already know what to do, they simply knew where and what the other was at all times. It was as if they shared their visions and thoughts, and when asked how it was possible neither could give an explanation.

Within a short amount of time the two young goblins were able to accomplish feats that some of the adult fighters would struggle with. The clan knew the two would be unstoppable when they matured… However Sticks and Follows already believed themselves to be.

When reports of a wolf attacking their animals arose, it was decided that the two of them were to be sent. Sticks and Follows had no problems with dealing with such creatures before, and there was no way anyone could have known that the wolf attacks was a trap.

While goblins had been more generally accepted, some older, higher level adventurers could not accept the change. This particular time was the workings of a druid, his pet wolf, and a high level illusionist.

No one, save Sticks, knows what exactly happened that night. What they do know is that two goblins left and only one returned. Sticks sword was covered in blood and Follows body was left in the woods, his throat slashed.

Sticks never fully recovered from the death of his brother, and while he was an above average fighter in the clan, he could never be truly relied on in group missions. He constantly would disobey orders, his personality and actions would make unexpected changes without notice.

Tired of following orders, and all promises of leadership long gone, Sticks decided that it was time for a change in his life. He would become an adventurer, he would become powerful, and he would get his revenge.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:33 pm
by BurnsBees
*tries to find copy and paste from files...found copy and paste* Note, I made this shortly after/near the end of goblin heroes. This is more of a joke than a real application, but might go with it for funs.
Name: The Teller That Likes Rediclously Long and Verbose Names and Gives Them To Goblins In His Clan This Is His Shortened Name Because His Full Name Has His Completed Backstory And Even This Will Make the Player Forced to COpy and Paste His Name From a Page Unknown And Makes the DM Cringe Because He Likes Long Names Oh So Much And When He Names People They Will Shorten Thier Names Down To Ten Words or Fewer And When He Names People Twenty Words is Very Short For A Name And His Clan will Feel Relief When He Gets Out Of His Clan To Adventure and Does Not Find His Way Back So That The Clan Has To Get a New Teller For Names Called The Drunken One That Is A Prophet Of Many Dangerous Visions and Can Tame Those Bound In Metal and Will Become a Paladin Some Day of A Demi God. AKA Cut and Paste

Colour: 0080FF
Gender: Male

He is the one who gave Speaks With Things That Have Over Exceeded Thier Lively State (and that's her shortened name by the way). He likes to talk way more than he should and that is why he gives things as long as names as he possibly could, and he did name himself. He got seperated from his clan because they were captive while he was adventuring elsewhere. He accidently got into a few portals that were recently made and some how wounded up here. Because he is an ex teller of a clan, he doesn't need to be a teller (though it would be nice). I decided to bring him up because I know mort really really likes long names. His very shortened name (and what I will be calling him when he is not saying his full name)S is Cut and Paste.

Class: Cleric
Trait: Unknown

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:48 pm
by askstoomuch
i want to join ow mother of sweet baby jezus i want to join

i am two game the clan of the collected and the exporers

lost his pants (lost)
green color=#00BF00

Lost always was a very shy goblin, he wasnt good at talking to people or any social interaction for that matter.
He preferd to be alonein the woods, he tried to be friends with the others but he was to damm afraid to say anything.
So one day will he was just reading a book in his hut when he sees the most beutifful gobin girl he ever saw called smells roses.
He was in love since the moment he saw her but to damm shy and afraid to say a thing .
Weeks passed and he coudnt stop thinking about her, i have to say it to her he thought to himself.
So after a few days prepearing the moment whas their, and he went to her house.
But before he could knock on the door the goblins on the street started laughing.
Poor lost his pants forgot his pants and stood there in his underpants for al to see.
The emmbarresment was so great that he desited to leave the village.
Hoping to one day return with the courage and the social skills to inpresse roses.

trait Savantism whats the cappitol of mortopia no idea lost spend most of his life alone in the woods outside the village ,whic made him a savant when it comes to plants, whats that green thing well thats a lupus plantanos lost is so skilled when it comes to plants that he knows them all and know their natural use for potions and what not.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:53 pm
by Warlock
I would like to play.

Nevermind... Too busy for another. I'll increase everyone else's chance of getting in by dropping out of the race. Good luck!

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:17 pm
by madmartin26
I've waited for this for a long time. :)

Studies Everything He Can Get His Hands On(Studies)

Studies has always been a fan of books and stories, at some point he even considered becoming the clan storyteller, eventually though, he realized his passion for books was not limited to stories and tales, but to everything having to do with books. Still, he took his inspiration from stories, especially the story of the goblin heroes. He was amazed by all the adventures had by those ten goblins, and mourned deeply for those who had not survived. And the thing he found most amazing, was that all of it was TRUE. eventually he decided he would follow in their footsteps, becoming the best he could be, to defend his clan, his family, and his friends. He settled on magic as his fighting style of choice, because it depended on books, and so he began his studies, and when he felt he was ready, he joined a few like minded goblins for an adventure...
(i tend to think of Studies as a sort of "spiritual successor" to TooSmart, with the main difference being TooSmart studied magic so he could get up to wild antics and explode stuff, while Studies learns magic so he can be like the hero's he idolizes and protect his friends. he's also a lot more calm and collected. [think sorcerer versus wizard, and you'll get the idea. :D ])

Edit: whoops, missed the trait system.Trait: Studies knows a lot of miscellaneous facts, especially those pertaining to legends and such, and is therefore more likely to know about obscure stuff.(bonus to knowledge checks?) he's also studied magic prior to becoming an adventurer, so +1 to magical attack. Handicap: Studies has never studied any kind of hand to hand combat, so he would be terrible at it. he's also never been a strong goblin.(some sort of detriment to attack, enough to balance out the positives, but i'm not sure how much that would be. :-? )

Edit Edit:also, if both me and Loses His Pants get in, i will change my color to this nice shade of orange: color=#FF4000

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:11 pm
by kurik
I'll edit in details later/as I think them up, can't decide between rouge, wizard, or berserker. Apperently, he's a paladin... Huh, didn't see that one comeing.
Full discloser: I'm in games.

Name:HeWhoAbides (Dude)
Gender: M
Color: #800080
Character background: Dude is an easygoing goblin who believes in live and let live. But some people, they don't. And instead of takin' it easy, they gotta go and attack him and his buddies, and that's not cool, man. So Dude asked the universe (or Maglubiyet, whatever) what to do about it, and something in him said "It's fine to say, “Yeah, well, that’s just, like, you’re opinion, man,” when someone micturates upon our race. But we’re talking about unchecked physical aggression here, draw a line in the sand, Dude, sometimes you gotta teach someone to recognize that they may enter a world of pain whenever they go over the line and be forever cognizant of what can happen when they screw with guys just minding their own business, and such."

Now Dude would normaly say "screw it" to such a wordy bit of divine inspritation, but this was the freakin' universe, man, and to top it off, the universe was right, he must abide. Three weeks later (stuff came up, and traffic, ya know?) Dude was training to battle the hordes of rug-pissers who would, like, screw with his clan.

Class: Paladin (Of Dudeism, if I can get away with it)

Traits: Anosmia, +1Def

Edit: Added games discloser.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:10 pm
by ThroughTheWell
Name: HardandFast
color= ?? Red, black or grey would all be appropriate.
Trait: 2 weapon fighting (maybe only +1 attack in the first round for now?)
Handicap: pick something from the background below. -1 on social interactions would be an obvious choice.

Edit: deleted background.

I just counted and it looks like I'm number 8. So I guess I'll bow out.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:54 pm
by knucklekraken
I would like to play. I'm not currently in any other games, excepting TWSK, CTF and RWI.

Name: Thief in the Night
Color: 808080
Class: Rogue

Night doesn't make a big deal out of his name. He's not particularly prone to misappropriating things. He's particularly well-mannered. He speaks when it seems necessary only. He's here mostly at the urging of one of the other goblins (I'll decide who later) who happened to think that he might be destined to accompany this group. He's here more out of friendship and respect for this other goblin than any ambition of his own.

Re: Threads of reality

PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:05 pm
by Dusk9
I want to join :D
I'm in quite a few games already, as you can see from my*ahem*....... :shifty: :D :nervous:

Name: Hears-Disembodied-Voices
Colour: #800080
Gender: Male
Class: Berserker

Hears is normally a quiet, shy Goblin, who rarely speaks to others unless he feels it is necessary, and even then only in short, polite sentences. However, he can sometimes be heard having particularly loud and disjointed conversations with the numerous Voices that he hears in his head. In times of need, the Voices can offer helpful advice, but more often than not they simply remain silent and speak up with random nonsense or abusive remarks at inappropriate times. His experiences with the Voices appear to have pushed him over the edge into partial insanity, as one of the more violent Voices seems to often take control during fights, attacking all hostile foes until they are gone or Hears can regain control; the Voice doesn’t attack mindlessly, and appears to be quite intelligent, but is often reckless, uncooperative, and never speaks except for threats and profanity.

Traits: Pending.....

EDIT: Alright, I don't really know if Berserker's get any sort of Rage ability in this game, but Hears needs a special one to fit his backstory anyway. So, here's my idea for it;

Traits: Automatic Combat Rage -> +1d(level/2) ATT, +1d(level/2) DEF, +1d(level/2) fighting ability/skill (basically a bonus to all rolls in combat besides ATT and DEF) - has a 7.5% x (number of turns of combat gone) chance of regaining control, but until then can’t retreat or do anything except pick specific foes to target (and maybe use healing/combat items) until all foes are gone.

So at level 4, he could get +1 ATT, +3 DEF, and +2 fighting skill, depending on how the dice rolls for them go, and in the 5th turn of combat he'd have a 30% chance of regaining control if I wanted to retreat or something. It may be a bit overpowered and need balancing, but there's the basic idea.

EDITEDIT: Colour change

EDITEDITEDIT: 'nother colour change (back to what it was before :roll: )

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:49 pm
by YoungAndBeautiful
I would like to play.
I just need some time to think up something playworthy, since just going with the first thing that comes to my mind only works so often. :wink:
So I am just taking up space until I can fill everything in. Sorry about that. :oops:

Character background:

How long do we have to come up with something/sign up?

EDIT: I reread the entry post, and since stating that one wants to play is enough, unless some kind of stroke of genius hits me, I will not make up a char, unless until (thinking posititve! :evilgrin: ) I get lucky enough to be picked by the dice. That way, I can pick a class to accommodate and complement the others, and make up a name and a background story that (hopefully) goes with the class well. Also, color clashes would be avoided by this.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:40 am
by Dlover
I'm in quite a few games right now, so I'm not going to be too bothered about getting in, but I want to make a character anyway.

Name: Inverse Morals
Gender: Male
Colour: Deep blue (#000080)
Background: When the teller foretold Morals' fate upon his birth, a strange thing came to pass, he was seen to have two fates, each contradicting the other. The first, was one of evil, which predicted Morals would learn to use the power of light, but would turn it to his own personal gain, and create chaos in doing so. The second brought hope, seeing his use of dark powers to bring peace to his tribe. Fearing the chaos brought by his use of light, Morals was refused the chance to train as a teller, and thus, removed the risk of danger, but Morals saw this as unjust, and in secret, began to study the use of magic.
Morals is unsure of whether he will choose to follow the path of good or evil, dark or light, respectively, but, as he has yet to learn anything from either path, he has felt no need to decide.
Class: Wizard
Traits: snob
Self-trained: Having taught himself to use magic, Morals is not especially talented in the use of magic, and does not always receive the results he hopes for.
Inflict: Morals has begun to learn the use of Inflict, seeing possibilities for either path from there.

SPOILERS:Whether Morals is yet able to cast inflict or not, I'm not sure, would have to be up to M0rt as to what sort of trait-point cost it would have, and how the self-trained trait has an effect on his trait points, though I would expect it is not quite available.

Does beginning to learn Inflict count as a trait?

Oh, and if I do get in, Morals isn't going to be some sad sod who complains when he doesn't get his way. Don't worry about that.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:09 am
by thinkslogically
Hooray! Mort's game is up :D I would like to play, I'm currently running one and playing in one (Clan of the Connected Mesh).

Name: Watches the Horizon
Gender: Male
Color: (with BBC code): Swampy Green, #408040

Character background: Watches has spent most of his life in the wilds, prefering the company of wild deer and hawks to the bustle of the warcamp. As a result, he has learned how to find food and to build fire and shelter in the wilds from virtually nothing, and yet, much of the details about his surroundings are lost on him. This is due to his eyesight. As a youngling, it became clear very early on that Watches would make an excellent scout and watchman as he could see creatures in the distance before any of the others in the clan. Thinking that they had found an excellent new scout for the clan, he was trained in the use of a bow and arrow, and he excelled.

It quickly became apparent however that Watches vision was something of a curse as well as his tutors quickly began to complain that he paid no attention to books or to the details in the plants and animal tracks they showed him. Eventually, angered by his lack of interest, they threatened to retrain him as kitchen boy instead. Horrified by the thought of being confined to the camp, Watches finally admitted that anything closer than a few feet away simply looked blurry to him, so he could never tell the difference between similar-looking plants or distinguish tracks right under his nose. He could still see colours and shapes, but he even struggled to recognise faces close-up, which often made conversations with new people difficult.

Finally satisfied with the explanation, Watches was eventually made a Clan scout as his skills at a distance made up for his other deficiencies though he was never allowed to travel alone.

Class: Ranger

Traits: Long-sighted - Bonus to ranged weapons / Can't read or see details up close (melee combat is ok as he can see shapes and movement fine).

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:57 am
by m0rtimer
ThroughTheWell wrote:
I just counted and it looks like I'm number 8. So I guess I'll bow out.

No need to. If it wasn't apparent, I'll be rolling dice (or, if you want) to determine who's gonna get in :)

I'm reading over what everyone has right now, so I might edit this post if I see something that needs answering.

Signups will continue for at least one or two more days, so everyone that wants should still have plenty of time to sign up and/or write a background of their character to improve odds of getting in.

edit: some questions:

Does beginning to learn Inflict count as a trait?

Yes, this would count, and over the course of the game you would become fully capable of casting it. As for wether or not the disability would compensate for it, don't worry about that just yet: once we have our 7 players chosen, we'll be going over everyone's classes and traits again before the actual kickoff of the game.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:21 am
by Nioca
Edit: Sniped by Mortimer. Just a character and a list now.

Name: Cowers in Shadow
Gender: Female (was originally male, but I changed it when I saw everyone else was male)
Color: #13002C
Class: Paladin
Trait: Fearful Instincts +2DEF, small bonus to perceptive abilities. / Penalty to anything requiring willpower, -2ATK when at less than 33% HP or heavily outnumbered, occasionally turns up false positives regarding dangers or threats (Too much/too powerful? I'm not quite sure how much a plus/minus 2 means in this system, and I'm a bit of a natural optimizer.)

Background: Cowers in Shadow, for most of her life thusfar, has lived up to her name. It started at first as a mild paranoia in her youth about the world around her; however, the loss of her brother in a rather bizarre campfire accident, and the taunting of some insensitive clanmantes soon blossomed this into a near-perpetual state of fearful hiding. Trees that could topple at any moment, campfires that could spread into raging infernos, the fauna of the wilderness that could turn her into a late-night snack. The clan elders attempted to teach her the ways of the sword in hopes of boosting her confidence, but to no avail; she shirked the training as much as possible. She was not content with her life, but she was too afraid to change.

Late one night, a few goblins had gathered together, making plans to become adventurers based on tales they had heard from the south. Laying awake, she heard them whispering near her hut, and for once, curiosity overcame her fear. Cowers timidly crept towards and revealed herself to the group. Images of heroism and a desire for change battled her better instincts as she listened to them discuss what class might be appropriate for her (and questioning why they should bring her along at all, but that's neither here nor there). They all quickly agreed she might make a decent rogue... but Cowers surprised them all by declaring she wished to become a Paladin, A fearless bastion against the shadows and what dwelled inside them. She hoped that becoming a paladin would allow her conquer her fears once and for all. And she'll start on that as soon as she conquers the queasy feeling in her stomach acting as a reminder of what she got herself into.

(Wow, that got a bit longer than I intended)

I am currently in The Awesomesword Wanes.


Also, I figure I might as well do another list. Because who doesn't like lists?
Adventurous Entrants wrote:1. HealBitch, Male Cleric w/ Dripping Wit (PSychotic)
2. Sticks to the Plan, Male Warrior w/ Illusion Weakness, Order Hatred, & Bonus vs. Adventurers (Picks Up Sticks)
3. Cut and Paste, Male Cleric (Burns Bee)
4. Lost His Pants, Male Rogue w/ Plant Knowledge (Asks Too Much)
5. Studies Everything He Can Get His Hands On, Male Wizard w/ Obscure Knowledge, +1 Magic ATK, & PhysATK Penalty (Madmartin26)
6. He Who Abides AKA Dude, Male Paladin w/ Anosmia & +1DEF (Kurik)
7. Hard and Fast, Male Berserker w/ Dual-Wield & Awkwardness? (Through The Well)
8. Thief in the Night, Male Rogue w/ Quiet (KnuckleKraken)
9. Hears Disembodied Voices, Male Berserker w/ Automatic Combat Rage (Dusk9)
10. [Placeholder] (Young and Beautiful)
11. Inverse Morals, Male Wizard w/ Self-Trained & Inflict (Dlover)
12. Watches the Horizon, Male Ranger w/ Long-Sighted (Thinks Logically)
13. Cowers in Shadow, Female Paladin w/ Fearful Instincts (Nioca)
14. Hard as Rocks, Female Warrior w/ +ATK, +DEF, & Emotional Impairment (Narie666)
15. One Bluff Too Many, Female Rogue w/ Luck & Running (Arctic Tornado)
16. Dares Devils, Male Berserker w/ Luck (Slams With Sticks)
17. Wears a Coat, Male Warrior w/ Veteran (Jacon)
18. Destroys Nations, Male Wizard w/ Lots of Traits (RandomMerc)
19. Born and Raised, Male Ranger w/ Weirdness Magnet (Godbot)
20. Farseer, Male Rogue w/ Amazing Reflexes (Licentious Day)

Cleric Entrants: 2 (10%)
Rogue Entrants: 4 (20%)
Wizard Entrants: 3 (15%)
Fighter Entrants: 10 (50%)
-----Warrior Entrants: 3 (15%)
-----Paladin Entrants: 2 (10%)
-----Berserker Entrants: 3 (15%)
-----Ranger Entrants: 2 (10%)

EDIT 1: Fixed an error, added probabilities. EDIT 2: Multiple list changes. Probabilities removed.
EDIT 3: Added entrants from 2nd page. EDIT 4: Added Dares and Born. EDIT 5: Modified Voice's color.
EDIT 6: Added Farseer. EDIT 7: Added Bluff. EDIT 8: Corrected entrant count. One rogue was so sneaky, it got missed.

Re: Threads of reality

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:25 am
by narie666
I'm in. I aint in a game yet, altough i did apply as replacement in Clan Rampage.

Name: Hard as Rocks (Rocks)
Gender: F
Color: blue 4000FF (with BBC code)
Character background:
Rocks' most special characteristic was discovered when her mother dropped her 10 days after being born. She bounced and didn't suffer any damage. This was when the teller (who hadn't had time until then for a naming ceremony) decided she was to be named Hard as Rocks, or Rocks for short.
Her other ability was discovered as she was growing up, which is not being able to feel pain nor compassion. This was found out during many playsessions with her fellow goblins, who soon started shunting her.

When she grew up, her toughness made her the perfect tank. Other goblins soon learned not to make fun of her physique (you wouldnt know she was female from looking at her), because she would beat the living doodoo out of them. Her lack of compassion made sure nobody ever wanted to be with her.

Class: Warrior

Traits: increased attack and increased defense. Emotionally impaired

Re: Threads of reality

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:51 am
by Dusk9
Updated my character post with a Traits section.

Re: Threads of reality

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:34 pm
by ArcticTornado
I want in. Backstory tomorrow.

One-bluff-too-many. Rogue.

One-bluff is a gambler, always has been. She's never without a deck of cards, though whether she has a coin to flip depends on her current streak of luck. One week she is lauded for a daring ambush or a surprising victory in a fight, the next she is hissed at for losing half the clan's food to a merchant. So far, she's been lucky enough that none of her gambles have had a catastrophic failure, and she intends to keep pushing her luck until she does. At which point? Well, hopefully whoever's around will be willing to pick the pieces. The clan have tried to stop her recklessness, but she always has an answer: the risks are calculated, or her record is good. Eventually, pretty much everyone gave up trying to put a stop to it, and her closer friends are usually willing to help her get out of trouble, or share in the rewards of her... bravery. Her one concession to the dangers of what she does is to have become very good at running and hiding, escaping from bad situations.

Lucky - no idea how to represent it
A whole lot of running - some kind of bonus when running away from enemies.

Re: Threads of reality

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:02 pm
by m0rtimer
Oh, by the way guys, to make sure that there will be atleast variation with the characters allready created, (so there won't be a case of "someone should switch class-ititis) here is how I am going to do the random rolls: I will do 4 rolls, each for one of the four categories. The three remaining rolls will be done with everyone else.

Just a small notice :)

Re: Threads of reality

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:22 pm
by Godbot
I'll try and figure something out for this. I have a few half-baked ideas rattling around in my head.

(I'm not in any games, by the way, and I've never been in a game on this site before, either.)

Re: Threads of reality

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:31 pm
by SlamsWithSticks
Name: Dares Devils
Gender: Male
Color #BF0000

Character Background
Dares Devils is constantly walking a fine line. Keep your friends close, and your demise closer. It's good to keep an eye on death you know. So you're not taken by surprise. Dares is a very passionate goblin who is a talented rather than educated fighter. Dares is a gambler, he loves taking chances (or risks if you may). Somehow he continuously beats the odds. Some goblins would say he is one lucky bastard!

Class: Berserker

Traits: Dares is unusually lucky in perilous situations and in gambling. (If I'm in you can balance this as you please, I'm not familiar with D&D rules.)

Re: Threads of reality

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:49 pm
by kurik
Godbot wrote:I'll try and figure something out for this. I have a few half-baked ideas rattling around in my head.

(I'm not in any games, by the way, and I've never been in a game on this site before, either.)

Nice to see ya on this side of the forum for a change. :)

Re: Threads of reality

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:54 pm
by knucklekraken
When do signups close?

Re: Threads of reality

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:54 pm
by Godbot
kurik wrote:
Godbot wrote:I'll try and figure something out for this. I have a few half-baked ideas rattling around in my head.

(I'm not in any games, by the way, and I've never been in a game on this site before, either.)

Nice to see ya on this side of the forum for a change. :)

Hey, thanks. If there was some kind of "I'm looking to join a forum game" thread, I would've been all over that for a while now. (But then again, from the looks of things, everyone else would've been, too.)

By the way, m0rtimer, what's the limit on how creative we can get with traits? I have a vague idea for someone whose trait is the Weirdness Magnet disadvantage from GURPS.